Pierre Part man stars in upcoming reality TV show

Daniel "P'Maw" Causey
Daniel "P'Maw" Causey

PIERRE PART, LA (WAFB) - Hollywood has taken the bait on Louisiana hook, line, and sinker. Pierre Part is again in the spotlight with a new reality series, but this time on Animal Planet.

"I'm out there doing my thing. Catching fish...trying to make a living off the land, and all of a sudden these people come in and everybody's amazed with it," said Daniel "P'Maw" Causey, start of the new Animal Planet reality show "Swamp'd".

P'Maw opened his Pierre Part Bait Shack last year. As a way to lure in more business, P'Maw and his wife decided to film a commercial and post it on Youtube. To their surprise, they got more than just customers from their ad. They got calls from a Hollywood producer wanting to film a reality show.

"It took them about a month to convince me that this was really going to take place," said P'Maw. "Matter of fact, they ended up having to fly someone down to talk to me in person and really put the paperwork in my face."

Production crews spent three months capturing P'Maw in his element: fishing on Lake Verret, and catering to his bait shop customers.

That's one thing about it. We're open 24/7 I guarantee it. Anything you need we got it. We ain't got it, we'll get it that's for sure," said P'Maw.

Even with the huge popularity of several other South Louisiana reality TV shows P'Maw, whose nickname is Cajun-French for pepper, never thought his spicy personality would help him join their ranks.

"I had this big star fall out of the sky and hit me right on top of the head, and now I'm going to TV. Who ever thought that was going to happen? But that goes to show everybody, you get out there and do what you got to do. If you have a dream, follow it! Don't let it go 'cause it can come true," said P'maw.

You can catch P'Maw, his family, friends and some customers on "Swamp-d" starting Christmas night on Animal Planet.

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