Chief economist at Baton Rouge Press Club

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The state's legislative fiscal office's chief economist talked about what's happening with the state's budget on Monday to the Baton Rouge Press Club.

Greg Albright says the state's revenue's have been "soft" since 2010. Which he admits is a surprise to him. "I wish we could get out in front of it at least in terms of revenue," says Albright. "Relative to revenues we have a spending problem. Relative to the budget we have a revenue problem."

Last week the Joint Legislative Budget Committee heard from the Jindal administration on how they planned on plugging a 166 million dollar hole. The use of one time money and a hodge podge

Albright says one of the issues that also surprised them was the Minimum Foundation Program or MFP."

Thirty million of the 166 [million] problem they reduced in budget committee last week," says Albright. "There was an increase in the MFP funding requirement because the student count went up."

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The MFP is the constitutional mandate to pay for K-12 education for the state's children. It's funding is not optional.