Demand high, supply low for BR charities

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Thanksgiving holiday season isn't looking good for charities in the Baton Rouge area. The demand or need is high, but charity officials report the supply is low.

Denise Terrence runs the kitchen at St. Vincent DePaul and keeps tabs on their supplies.

"God has been good to us," Terrence says. "So we want to make sure that our goodness is spread through everybody else."

Terrence says they have all the turkeys needed for Thanksgiving, but the fixings to go with them are a different story.

When asked what they need Denise says a bunch of things.

"Corn bread stuffing mix, corn bread mix, yams, green beans- everything you would have at your Thanksgiving table is what we need to make sure that everybody is blessed here at St. Vincent DePaul," Terrence said.

The head of the charity Michael Acaldo says the need gets bigger every year.

"Something we can all be thankful for as a community because we are coming together to respond to this growing need in our area," Acaldo said.

"It's truly fulfilling, just an inspiration of warmness when you know that you have done the best you can do," said Terrance.

"So many people have been most appreciative of what we've done."

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