Residents begin receiving disaster food stamps

People line up to receive disaster food stamps following Isaac.
People line up to receive disaster food stamps following Isaac.

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - The signup for disaster food stamps is under way for those affected by Hurricane Isaac.

People in Livingston and Ascension parishes began lining up Wednesday morning to get funds to restock their refrigerators.

Charlene Champagne has been raking remnants of debris Isaac dumped in her back yard. She said she felt safe after she evacuated her Gonzales mobile home, but her mind was filled with worry.

"(Worried) that these trees would fall and it's so old and I'd come back and it'd be in the trailer. We got a lot of limbs. We already picked up a pile and we're going to burn later when the wind stops," Champagne said.

Hundreds of people just like champagne were fortunate. Their homes were spared. But most of them lost of power.

"Because of the lights we lost everything in the refrigerator, $300 worth," Lorena Briones said.

This time around, FEMA has set up a computerized system where eligible folks can apply online before showing up at one of the locations to get their food stamp credits.

Workers are serving people whose last names begin with the letters A through C.

Most residents said the process has been relatively hassle-free.

However, those who apply online have to wait a couple of hours before the funds are available at the distribution site.

People who showed up at the Lamar-Dixon Center in Gonzales without applying online first have gone through the process without any problems.

Some who were in a similar situation for Hurricane Gustav stated it was much smoother this time.

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