Baton Rouge family has 3 kids with the same birthday, each a year apart

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - What are the odds of having three babies on the same date three years in a row? One in 48 million.

Meet the Klar family, Baton Rouge's 1 in 48 million. Roland Francis Klar was born August 17th. The same date as his sister Margaret Ann Klar a year before and his big brother Samuel Darwin Klar the year before that.  Dad Kevin is still digesting it all.  He said, "It's kind 'a surreal right now." Mom, Angelle on the other hand is taking it in stride.  "It was just a special coincidence." she said.

To say the Klar home is a busy place would be an understatement. One of seven kids herself, Angelle Klar is okay with that. In fact, she revels in it.  For instance, she loves parties. Before she went into labor with Roland, she threw an early birthday bash for the older kids.  In her words, "We went all out...snow cones, popcorn, ponies. It was fun."

Kevin Klar says his bride and mother of his children isn't taking the credit she deserves. "Their momma does like to throw a big birthday party. She was a little bit modest when she said it was a big birthday party. There were about 150 people in the back yard."

A neonatalogist, Angelle Klar helps keep some of the sickest babies born at Woman's hospital alive. When she thinks about that, Angelle says the whole birthday thing just doesn't seem that important.  According to her, "You prepare for whatever God gives you. It's just a big blessing to have three healthy children, kind 'a close together who just happen to be born on the same day."

To Angelle Klar, three kids born on the same is just...."an excuse to plan a big birthday celebration. We just plan on making the 17th a special day."  And, don't be disappointed if you don't get an invitation to the Klars' birthday party. Their back yard's going to be pretty full.

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