More parents taking kids to chiropractor

Published: Jul. 11, 2012 at 12:21 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 11, 2012 at 2:05 AM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Would you take your child to a chiropractor?  A growing number of parents are.

James and Evie have been going to the chiropractor since they were born.

"Alright Miss Evie, hop up on the table, you know the drill,"

At 3 years old, Evie thinks nothing of having her neck adjusted - a term chiropractors use for easing bones or vertebrae off nerves in the spine.

Evie's 5-year-old brother James is also a regular for well visits at the chiropractor.

Statistics show a growing number of parents are taking their children to chiropractors.

Dr. Butch Sonnier says he's seen a dramatic increase in the number of kids he treats.

"When a parent brings their children in to see me, 95 percent of the time they've already seen a pediatrician and they mention to the pediatrician that they're bringing the children to see me and to my knowledge there's very little objection to that point," said Sonnier.

Sonnier credits the popularity of kid chiropractic to increased acceptance among adults.

Alissa Lundy started seeing a chiropractor in college.   When she had children, she had no problem taking her kids to one.

"I believe in traditional medicine, but I believe that there's also other responsibilities of parents not just to take their kids and go get medicated," said Lundy.

We know from research it takes less than a weight of a dime on a spinal nerve to affect nerve transmission.

Whether it's an adult or child, Dr. Sonnier says a long list of ailments can be traced to out-of-place vertebrae or bones in the spine that are pressing on nerves in the spine.

We know what spinal nerve, or what group of spinal nerves controls what activity muscular skeletal and then the organ systems of the body

In 5-year-old Kyle's case, it was a digestive issue.  He wasn't having bowel movements.

When standard treatments failed, Kyle's dad brought him to Dr. Sonnier.   Kyle calls him the tap tap doctor.

That's because the device Sonnier uses on him gently nudges vertabrae back into place with a series of computer controlled taps.

An engineer, Kyle's dad, Michael, was skeptical.

Suprisingly enough, it worked.

Within 24 hours Kyle's bathroom problem had resolved itself.  He was going to the bathroom regularly.

After repeated ear infections, 9-month-old Bayne was on track to have tubes put in his ears.

Dad Anthony Drewes decided to try kid chiropractic first.

"He got three adjustments in three weeks and we've really not had any trouble with ear infections or doctors saying he needs tubes anymore," said Drewes.

Sonnier says aligning bones in the neck works for ear infections because it restores the ear's natural drainage system.

Bayne may be annoyed, but Sonnier says he's not in pain.   In fact, it takes very little force to treat a child.

Kid chiropractic is not without its critics.   Some researchers say there's not enough hard science to prove it works.

Dr. Sonnier does not spend a lot of time thinking about that. Instead, he focuses on the positive outcomes parents say their children get from his treatment.

When choosing the right chiropractor for your kids, experts say the more experience they have with children, the better.  Also, ask for references and always keep your pediatrican in the loop.

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