Viewpoint: June 27, 2012

As thousands in Florida continue to clean up the damage caused by flooding from Tropical Storm Debby, it serves as a strong reminder for those of us here in Louisiana. It is that time of year to check your storm plans and your insurance policies.

Insurance Commisioner Jim Donelon is telling anyone who will listen that Louisiana residents should purchases flood insurance even if they don't live in high-risk areas. We think that's good advice. Since it typically takes 30 days for a policy to become effective, it's something you should look at now.

Homeowners in low risk areas can purchase flood insurance for as little as $200 a year. We think that's a bargain considering more than 20 percent of claims filed with the National Flood Insurance Program come from property owners outside of high risk areas. Given that, it's surprising that only 30 percent of Louisiana residents have flood insurance.

Forecasters are predicting a somewhat quiet hurricane season this year and we certainly hope they are right. But, as Donelon reminds us, "all it takes is one."