Flood cleanup in Acadiana

CARENCRO, LA (WAFB) - Neighbors in South Louisiana are drying out one day after record rainfall drowned neighborhoods. One of the hardest hit areas is the Lafayette community of Carencro where the cleanup is now underway.

A muddy stain on Gerald Milton's front door shows just how high the water got. Storms dumped more than a foot of water in parts of Acadiana. Milton got two feet.

"I went through the side door, and I mean, the water was just pouring in the house. So I just grabbed a few things, and I just took off," said Milton.

Milton says he's seen his share of flooding in the 25 years he's lived in Carencro, and this was the worst. He also lives just across from a coulee, which is a drainage ditch, and it was overflowing.

Neighbors up and down his street agreed and hoped this was, as forecasters called it, "a 100 year event", so they'd never see it again.

"This was just a complete lake. You couldn't see land anywheres around other than on the upper part of Clara," said Carencro resident Milton Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald says besides the obvious mess, he's worried the water could create some health problems.

"This is filthy water. Some of the septic run-offs drain into this coulee. Water comes from everywhere," said Fitzgerald.

The good news is that the water is now gone. But the debris it left is everywhere some families have to start over. A return to the way it was won't happen overnight.

"Everything it gone, it's a total loss, everything is gone. It can't be repaired, my furniture is soaked, the clothes are soaked, in the drawers and everything. I've never seen it like this before! I mean it's a horrible thing, but God works. We just have to accept it and move from there," said Milton.

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