BR Chamber blasts decision to close schools Wednesday

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber says a decision to close East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Wednesday is "completely unacceptable."

The school district canceled classes for students after nearly a third of the district's teachers reported they would not be present for classes Wednesday.  A large number of public school employees from around the state are expected to attend a rally at the State Capitol to protest the governor's proposed changes to education.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the Chamber called the behavior by teachers "irresponsible" and said it "eliminates a day of learning opportunities and sets a bad example for students."  "Additionally, families of these children must find alternate care options or stay at home, which impacts productivity through the entire Baton Rouge area," the statement said.

Hearings are set Wednesday and Thursday at the Capitol on bills that would expand a state-financed private school tuition program and make changes to teacher tenure.