Return the movie tickets

Questions are being raised about an offer Baton Rouge's new police chief made to officers who go see a particular movie.  It's the theme of the movie that has some taking issue.  Jim Shannon reports at 6pm, the offer could now be off the table.

The phenomenal LSU defensive back known as the "Honey Badger" today tweeted some news about the coming Alabama game in Tuscaloosa sidestepping the LSU public relations machine.  Hear what he has to say, ahead at 5PM.

WAFB will broadcast the November 5th LSU vs Alabama game live.   And get ready for lots of exciting live reports in the week leading up to the big game.  We'll have crews covering the story here in Louisiana as well as in Alabama.   CLICK HERE to see our countdown clock - it's already rolling!

Remember the brawl a couple of weeks ago on the field in a football game between Baker High School and Parkview Baptist?    Today, officials made the ruling on how bad the punishment is going to be.   WAFB's Tyana Williams was there.  She'll have the details at 6pm.

Southern University launched plans for this weekend's homecoming with an eye opening message about something that's happened in the past.   A mother describing something as "senseless."  We'll hear from her.

ONLINE NOW ON WAFB.COM, CLICK HERE:   Disabled teen locked in toad and mouse infested trailer.

A nose dive on the stock market today.  Dow Jones Industrials were off 207 points at the close after gaining 409 points the previous two days.

The WAFB Weather Team is looking at clear skies overnight with a low of 56 degrees.  Tomorrow will be mostly sunny with a high of 83.

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