Viewpoint: October 12, 2011

Some sobering news was released in recent days for Louisiana's public school system. First, we learned 44 percent of our public schools are failing, receiving a "D" or an "F" when it comes to school performance. Then, we learn one in six public high school students in Louisaina drops out of school.

State officials are quick to point out we've made gains in both areas, school performance and the dropout rate. But, Gov. Bobby Jindal said we need to move faster. Governor, we agree. Louisiana's poor education marks impact so much about our state, everything from our ability to attract new businesses to our crime rates.

But, the biggest impact is on students and what it means for their futures. They deserve better. The governor said we must be innovative and pass reforms. If that's the answer, politics shouldn't get in the way. If that's the answer, what are we waiting for?