Attorney hopes new Jefferson video sheds new light on LSU fight

Published: Aug. 31, 2011 at 9:03 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 7, 2011 at 8:17 AM CDT
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An attorney for suspended LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson says a new video from the night of the LSU fight should raise new questions about whether Jefferson was involved.

The video was taken inside of Shady's bar minutes before the fight that took place outside.

The black and white video, from the bar's surveillance cameras, shows Andrew Lowery who was allegedly injured in the fight.  Lowery is shown on the video repeatedly trying to kiss his ex-girlfriend. She pushes him away and eventually bouncers kick Lowery out of the bar.

But the new video also shows a man who Jefferson's attorney says is Jefferson himself.  Attorney Lewis Unglesby says Jefferson looked at the video Wednesday and says he is the man in the video seen hugging a female on his way out of the bar.  That man appears to be wearing a light colored shirt.   However, video from minutes later, that reportedly shows the fight itself, appears to show a man in a dark colored shirt kicking a man in the head.

"I hope they (police) will consider this," Unglesby said.  "I think all this is sort of developing. And that is my point. It would be good to drop back. Let's not have this felony charge pending right now. Let the district attorney look at the whole thing. Let Jordan get back - reinstated - subject to whatever sanctions Coach Miles feels are necessary and start over."

So what are police saying about this new video? To the media - absolutely nothing. They are sticking to a new policy on the case that they announced during a news conference last Friday.

"The department will not comment any further on the merits or facts of this case," said Chief Dwayne White at the news conference.

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