New LSU fight video

New LSU fight video reportedly showing Jordan Jefferson
New LSU fight video reportedly showing Jordan Jefferson

Suspended LSU Quarterback Jordan Jefferson says new video shows him inside of Shady's Bar before the fight that ended in his arrest.   Could the clothing Jefferson is wearing in that video put a new wrinkle in the police investigation?   WAFB's Jim Shannon has the story on WAFB 9NEWS at 5PM.

Helicopters have now dropped a quarter million gallons of water on that marsh fire in New Orleans east but the bitter smell of the smoke, now six days old, can still be smelled in Baton Rouge 70 miles away. It's because of East Winds blowing at 13 miles an hour, gusting to 20.  Could this smoke affect your health?  Baton Rouge's only medical correspondent, Phil Rainier, has the latest at 5pm.

The man who led police on a chase last week and then appeared to have jumped off the Gramercy bridge has been found 22 miles down river from where he made the plunge. The man is accused of killing several prostitutes in the New Orleans area.

Baton Rouge General Hospital has announced plans for a 40-million dollar expansion for four new operating rooms in its Bluebonnet facility. It includes state of the art robotics equipments.

WAFB's Tyana Williams reports on the beginning of a pilgrimage of LSU students and fans for Saturday night's nationally televised face off with Oregon in Arlington, Texas. The two teams are ranked third and fourth in the national polls.

For the fourth session in a row, the Dow Jones Industrials rose today on the stock market. Up 54 points. Oil prices fell 9 cents today to $88.91 a barrel.

Weatherwise hazy smoke tonight with a low of 75. Tomorrow 50 percent chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms with a high of 91.

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