August 31, 2011 - Steel Magnolias

It was the first audition for the first play to be presented by the first community theater in Livingston Parish. The play is "Steel Magnolias," a production of Spotlight Theater, part of the Arts Council of Livingston Parish. The director is Robert McGroary, a theater veteran from New York and Houston. He came to Spotlight Theater via the worldwide web.

McGroary says, "I think I found it on Craig's List if I'm not mistaken. There was an ad there, and I was looking for something to do. I came back to the theater, and here I am."

Before taking on the assignment with spotlight theater, the experienced director had never even seen "Steel Magnolias"--neither the play nor the movie. But he was soon hooked.

"I read the play," he says, "and I said, 'Im doing this!' That's how simple it is. It's just a wonderful show. It is a wonderful show. I'm just very touched by it. For the most part, it's full of love and affection for one another--for all the women involved."

Steel Magnolias--loyalty and love in the beauty parlor--on stage this fall in Livingston Parish. It will take the stage at Suma Hall in Satsuma November 11th, 12th and 13th. You'll find more information at spotlight theater's website --