Lawyer for LSU players gets meeting with police postponed

Published: Aug. 21, 2011 at 7:33 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 7, 2017 at 3:05 PM CDT
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Nathan Fisher
Nathan Fisher

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "We're talking about serious felonies here on two of them and of course, misdemeanors on the other two," said local attorney, Nathan Fisher.

Fisher is representing the four LSU players for free and he knows exactly what is facing Jordan Jefferson, Jarvis Landry, Chris Davenport and Josh Johns.

The four spent much of Sunday meeting with Fisher after asking him for representation against allegations that they were directly involved in a fight in the parking lot of Shady's Bar early Friday morning.

"We're not even sure that charges are warranted at this point," said Fisher, "The police, to my knowledge, only have info from the alleged victims."

Because he only received the case Sunday morning, Fisher needs more time to look over all of the facts before letting his clients talk to police.

The attorney representing the four non-players, all of whom claim to be injured in the fight, said, "It is extremely unfortunate that the LSU players that the police would like to interview have chosen not to cooperate at this time. It will only serve to delay getting to the truth regarding this matter."

For fans, this distraction is not sitting well and some are questioning the team's leadership.

Many await for more details, but Fisher stated how important it is to have the facts in order.

"A conviction or even an arrest on charges like this is a career killer," Fisher said, "We just want to get to the truth here, if we can and save these young men a lot of embarrassment down the road."

The following is a transcript of LSU head football coach Les Miles' comments Saturday, as well as comments from senior guard Josh Dworcazyk, who spoke on behalf of the team. Miles was joined at the press conference by the 23 members of the unity council.

Les Miles opening statement…

"I can tell you the last couple of days have been miserable for us. We have been involved in behavior that is unacceptable to me and our team. Guys have broken team rules and violated curfew. I can tell you and assure you that this will not happen again. I can tell you that this is a remorseful team here. I personally want to apologize for the actions of my team. We are very fortunate to represent a wonderful school and community. We should do so respectfully and understand that our actions have consequences. I have met with both the team and the unity council on several occasions since this incident. It is obvious to me that they want a redirection and to take ownership in that redirection. Whatever legal proceedings that are ongoing we will cooperate with and see how that all figures. I know that they are still gathering information and at the appropriate time we will take strong action. I can tell you we have started disciplining our team because this was a team violation. This was not just a guy. This was the team. We ran them and are running them. They hear with every call up, every snap and every coach's instruction."

On potential discipline…

"We are working very hard to reinstitute discipline and make this a factor in improving our behavior and our play. By in large, I have really enjoyed this football team. How they have worked and who they are as people. As miserable as I am about this and disappointed, I recognize I have a good group of men who understand the mistakes that they have made. I expect that they will make the appropriate changes. I will instruct them along those lines."

On cooperation with authorities…

"We have been in touch with those people that are investigating in this incident. Certainly we are cooperative in any way."

Josh Dworaczyk statement…

"First off I want to start off by apologizing for the team for our actions. Our apology is extended to Coach Miles, to the coaching staff, to the community, to the fans and to our alumni. From this point forward, we are going to continue to change our direction and do what we do as a football team together as a group of guys. We are here gathered here as a group of guys on this unity council as leaders. It is our job to lead this team and that is what we will do. Thank you."

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