Jindal offers "good" news about rising waters

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. Bobby Jindal offered encouraging news to people in some areas threatened by rising waters due to high levels on the Mississippi River.

He said officials now anticipate less backwater flooding in the lower areas of Louisiana and the impact in the northeastern part of the state should not be as bad as originally forecast.

He also said Baton Rouge can expect high river levels for up to three weeks.

The US Army Corps of Engineers said the water flowing from the Morganza Spillway is expected to co-mingle with the Atchafalaya and probably won't reach I-10 until Tuesday night.

"The Coast Guard told us today that they have closed the Port Allen alternate route and they continue to work to limit traffic to reduce the amount of wave action on levees," Jindal said.

According to the governor, the Public Service Commission estimates more than 14,000 structures (homes and businesses) could be impacted by floodwaters.

He pointed out 500 homes and 88 businesses in Pointe Coupee Parish have had services shut off.

Some people in West Feliciana Parish have already been impacted by the water and had their services disconnected.

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