Jindal: Opening Morganza Spillway a "significant probability"

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has asked the federal government for 1,500 national guardsman to help prepare for possible flooding.

The governor said opening the Morganza Spillway is now a "significant probability."

Water from the Ohio Valley continues to flow south, causing higher levels along the Mississippi River.

In his letter to the Department of Defense, Jindal said opening the Morganza Spillway will "flood the Atchafalaya Basin, necessitating a significant evacuation operation."

"Flooding from the Atchafalaya and Mississippi rivers will threaten lives and cause catastrophic damage to personal property, and businesses as well as state and federal infrastructure located within the projected flood zone," Jindal explained.

The governor said the guardsmen will be used to provide support to include, but not limited to, search and rescue, medical, engineering, communication and security of federal and state facilities.

"Because of limited engineering and aviation resources in the Louisiana National Guard, I anticipate this to be a multi-state response for the National Guard," Jindal added.

Jindal said he anticipates requesting National Guard forces from other states in the region as needed to augment Louisiana's capabilities.

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