Catfish Filets with Shrimp from LA Pit Perfect Caterers


x7 catfish filets
unsalted butter
blackened seasonings
sliced mushrooms
cracked black pepper
white wine
green onions
31-35 count tail shrimp


  • take a stick of unsalted butter and place in a black cast iron skillet,melt over medium high heat,base both sides of catfish with unsalted butter and sprinkle blackening seasoning on both sides of catfish,place filets into cast iron skillet. It is very important that skillet is extremely hot to sear and cooked fillets, cooked each side 2- minutes.
  • for the topping: place a stick of unsalted butter in saute pan and melt. add shrimp, and cooked until they turn pink. add slice mushrooms and cook. add crack black pepper, season salt, and white wine, finish with green onions.