"I've been satisfied with the results, and have recommended WCK Foundation Repair to many potential customers, with no negative feedback!"
-Mr. Jim Nicholson, Baton Rouge (225-802-0201)

 "I was impressed with their efficiency and courtesy!"
-Mrs. Hoyt, Denham Springs

"One of my biggest concerns was how WCK would match the finish on my front porch after they cut into 2 areas to repair the foundation.  I was very impressed with how they matched the pebble wash look on my porch.  It was better than expected!"
-Mr. Kevin Dupuy, Baton Rouge (225-772-4807)

"After Gustav I had a lot of damage to my home.  The insurance company was not helping much.  Since the foundation is the most important part of the house I needed to have it fixed first.  To do all the home repairs plus the foundation, was very costly.  WCK helped us work thru the issues and have the foundation repaired.  Thank you WCK!"
-Ms. Linda James, Baton Rouge La. (225-288-2027)

"We bought a house to re-sell. The foundation needed repair and we were on a time frame, upon our request the job was completed immediately. We're impressed how quick it was done!"
-Mr. Chris Kent, Prairieville La. (225-445-1198)

"I thought the job came out just great! I'm satisfied. I would be happy to recommend W.C.K. to anyone."
-Mr. Mike Bare, St.Amant La. (225-571-4160)

"W.C.K. did a great job. I actually saw my foundation move upward. The crew was very professional and courteous. During the job I had some questions, the supervisor stopped what he was doing to listen and answer all my questions. They did a great job cleaning up. I would highly recommend W.C.K."
-Dean Padgett, Baton Rouge La. (225-752-9276)

"We were amazed how quick they came and got everything done. All the guys are courteous and professional, we're extremely pleased!"
-Steve & Debbie Weber, Baton Rouge La.
"Your crew was very prompt, hardworking, and knowledgeable. There was no time wasted on the job.  Everyone did their job in unison."
-Ms. Roberta Billings, Greenwell Springs La. (225-262-7171)