Viewpoint: January 20, 2010

The images we've seen from the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti are gut-wrenching and heart-breaking. We see people desperately crying out for help and we see brave volunteers working tirelessly under the worst of conditions. We all need to help.

Consider this: there were teams of Haitian-American volunteers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina helping to re-build the city. Despite being one of the poorest nations in our hemisphere, the people of Haiti somehow donated $36,000 to Louisiana to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

The Haitians proved it's not necessarily the amount that counts but the spirit used to send it. If enough people give just a small amount, together, we can do big things. Our station has teamed up with the local chapter of the American Red Cross and Regions Bank to make giving easier for you.

Stop by any Region's Bank location and donate. You can also contribute to Presidents Clinton and Bush's Haiti fund.