Cleo Fields Endorses Mary Landrieu in U.S. Senate Race

Democratic State Senator Cleo Fields has endorsed Mary Landrieu in her bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate. Landrieu is in a run-off with Republican Suzy Terrell. Political analysts say a lack of black voter turnout is the main reason Landrieu finds herself fighting to keep her job. Cleo Fields is not only influential in the black community but is well-known for his ability to get black voters to the polls in high numbers.

There has been some bad blood between the two politicians. Landrieu did not give Fields her support when he ran against Mike Foster for Governor and Foster won in a landslide.

After the November election ended up in a run-off, Fields was one of many black lawmakers outspoken about Landrieu's lack of support for the black community. Monday morning he publicly threw his support behind the Democratic candidate.

"My concerns have never been because Mary Landrieu didn't endorse me for Senate -- I'm beyond that and I'm bigger than that, but I do think as Democrats we have to have a basic agenda and we have to be proud of that agenda and have to move forward," said Fields.

The Republican party has been in similar disarray with Governor Foster refusing to endorse Republican Suzy Terrell. He announced his endorsement this weekend and appeared with her at a campaign fundraiser with the U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says Landrieu can't win this thing without Fields and what has happened is simply a rule of politics and vital to their futures. "If Mike Foster wants to be a player in politics he has to back Terrell. If she loses he gets the blame. Cleo Fields is an important player in the Democratic Party he doesn't want to be the person who stopped her re-election," said Pinsonat.

Fields told reporters that he's become tired of Democratic candidates talking about how close they are to President Bush. He says he believes Landrieu's campaign now is on the right track and is enthusiastically behind her re-election bid.