LSU Office of the President going on bus tour.
(Eddy Perez)

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From March 13 to 16, LSU President William F. Tate IV will be touring around the state to promote the university’s Scholarship First mission and message. With more than 20 stops powered by RoyOMartin, the tour is bringing LSU to the people in every region of the state—to listen and learn about our communities’ strengths and challenges and align them with the university’s priorities. The itinerary includes metros as big as New Orleans and Shreveport and as small as Chopin and Minden, as Tate captures the full perspectives of Louisiana. Tate’s message is simple: as a primary steward of the state, LSU is committed to bringing progress to every parish because LSU and Louisiana are at their best when they’re working together.

“We live in an incredible state that’s home to industries central to the security of our nation, but the challenges we face are stark. And we can’t stand by when we know the key lies right here on any one of LSU’s eight campuses. That’s why we believe in Scholarship First—it leverages every ounce of LSU outputs into research and education that will solve our most pressing problems,” President William F. Tate IV said.

The goal of Scholarship First is to elevate Louisiana to its full potential by promoting student success, providing solutions to the state’s most pressing issues, and improving the lives of citizens in every parish—all while preserving our rich culture. Scholarship First specifically focuses on innovating the state’s key industries: agriculture, biomedicine, coast, cyber and defense, and energy. Through this mission, LSU is building a model of the future at home and for the rest of the country.

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