At ASCO '23, AI Precision Oncology Company Perthera Unveils Premium Experience for Clinicians with New Options for Ordering and Access to Enhanced Perthera Analytics

Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 4:29 PM CDT

CHICAGO, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ASCO 2023 – McCormick Place, In advance of a new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Category III code that will go into effect on July 1st, Perthera, the leader in AI precision oncology solutions, introduced its latest generation of clinical support tools, including Perthera Lab Direct and Perthera RWE Navigator. As part of this new, enhanced clinician experience, Perthera Lab Direct will make it easier to order reports, delivering results faster and the Perthera RWE Navigator will provide clinicians direct access to Perthera's powerful analytics. The Category III CPT code provides a critical pathway to reimbursement and wider adoption of AI-assisted Oncology decision support. The new multi-ordering platform and expanded analytics bench are intended to help support increased clinician demand.

"As we continue to scale the business, providing world-class support to physicians is a paramount goal to ensure all have access to our AI-assisted Oncology decision support", said Albert Kelley, President and CEO of Perthera.

"As we continue to scale the business, providing world-class support to physicians is a paramount goal to ensure all have access to our AI-assisted Oncology decision support", said Albert Kelley, President and CEO of Perthera. These resources can be found on Perthera's re-designed website where physicians and their staff can log on to gain access. Perthera Lab Direct streamlines the ordering process, working more seamlessly into the oncologist's office workflow, and linking directly to lab results so a Perthera Report can be delivered faster and with less effort. The Perthera RWE Navigator provides physicians with tools to analyze their own patient population to inform their future treatment decisions, research studies, or evaluate reimbursement issues. "We are committed to investing in building better—better systems, better experiences, and continued advancement of our AI platform-—to help drive and support wide adoption", said Donna Tuths, Board Chair of Perthera.

Perthera's patented AI Precision Oncology Engine is based on over 10 years of industry-defining research that uniquely combines a patient's past medical and treatment history, and their multi-omic profile to produce ranked therapy options predicted to have the best outcome for that patient. The platform has been shown in peer-reviewed research to significantly improve patient survival. "Our ongoing research is focused on deepening our science and understanding of the complex set of key drivers that impact patient response to treatment. Helping physicians to get the best outcome for their patients is our mission", said Dr. Emmanuel "Chip" Petricoin, Founder and Chief Scientist at Perthera. Dr. Edik Blais, Vice President of Research at Perthera will present the latest research related to the prediction of treatment sequencing in a poster session to be held in Hall A, Poster Board #470 from 8-11 am on June 5th. Perthera also provides the opportunity for physicians to join one of its Precision Oncology Clinical Study (POCS) groups where they and their patients can participate in targeted research studies.

Visit us at Booth 26116 at ASCO 2023 to learn more about Perthera's latest generation of clinical support tools and ordering, Perthera Lab Direct and Perthera RWE Navigator, and how you can join a Precision Oncology Clinical Study (POCS) group or contact us at to set up a meeting.


Founded in 2012, Perthera is the leader in AI-driven precision oncology solutions. Utilized at more than 400 cancer treatment centers in the United States, Perthera's patented, AI-driven analytics solution provides insights to over 1500 oncologists across the country. Perthera pioneers using "multi-omic" test results (DNA, RNA, IHC, and phosphoproteomics) to advise doctors and patients on treatment options through our Precision Oncology Platform and the Perthera ReportÔ. Past medical and treatment history along with multi-omic results from any source are used by our patented Ranked Therapy Options engine to identify the best treatments available for each patient. Uniquely, we follow patients longitudinally to obtain real-world outcomes that further refine future recommendations. The Perthera AI Precision Oncology Platform has been validated through peer-reviewed, high-impact journals and has been shown clinically to increase survival rates for patients. It is our mission to make Perthera's AI Precision Oncology Platform and the Perthera Report the best resource available today to support Oncologists in their treatment decision-making process.

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