SpringML launches its Javelin Accelerator to help organizations move forward with modernization efforts and accelerate their migration to Google Cloud

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 11:00 AM CDT

PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SpringML, Inc. ("SpringML"), a leader in  AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics services, announces its new Java Application Modernization Accelerator, Javelin. This solution helps simplify and accelerate an organization's Java application modernization journey to migrating to Google Cloud.

SpringML launches its Javelin Accelerator to help organizations move forward with modernization...
SpringML launches its Javelin Accelerator to help organizations move forward with modernization efforts and accelerate their migration to Google Cloud(PRNewswire)
SpringML launches its Javelin Accelerator to help organizations migrate to Google Cloud

The name "Javelin" stems from the idea of a spear thrown forward at high speed. The Javelin Accelerator is the spear that will help organizations move forward with their modernization efforts.

"Telelanguage has been providing language services to various industries such as healthcare, insurance, utilities and finance for over 30 years" said Lyndon Beckner, Director of Operations, Telelanguage, Inc. "We approached SpringML to help us move off a homegrown Java application that relied on a premise-based call handling platform that was outdated, expensive and incapable of scaling with the growing demand for our services. Having access to tools to help us adapt an entire custom platform to the cloud while preserving the features and functions we've developed specifically for our unique workflow has given us the best of both worlds in terms of upgrading and scalability."

Javelin is designed specifically to help companies migrate away from proprietary servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, and WildFly, which are costly to upgrade and maintain, to more open systems and technologies like Kubernetes, which allow businesses to modernize their infrastructure and move to the cloud.

Javelin is built on 3 key phases to address cloud readiness and modernization needs:

  • Data-driven assessment to establish an organization's baseline and determine the best modernization path for businesses
  • Building innovative, maintainable, cost-effective practices, tools, and technologies to achieve organizational goals
  • Deployment that we work together to learn, improve, and deliver agile, reliable, and optimized tools

"This tool is for those customers that are not looking to simply lift and shift, but for those who want to modernize and simplify their applications" said Girish Reddy, Chief technology Officer, SpringML. "Javelin provides a guided framework starting with an automated assessment that provides a detailed modernization roadmap."

"Maintaining application features and  functionality is a key priority for organizations looking to migrate and modernize their application development in the cloud," said Pallab Deb, Managing Director, Application ISV Partnerships, Google Cloud. "With SpringML's Javelin Accelerator available on Google Cloud, customers have access to the technologies and experts they need to simplify application migration as they transform their business for growth at cloud-scale."

About SpringML, Inc.

SpringML delivers data-driven digital transformation outcomes with an experimentation and design thinking mindset. We provide Google Cloud consulting and implementation services and industry-specific analytics solutions that deliver high-impact business value from data. SpringML is a Google Cloud partner with capabilities to plan, assess, deploy, and manage data-driven engagements. We have been awarded Google Cloud specialization based on our expertise and customer portfolio for Data Management, Application Development, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning.

For more information on SpringML, visit https://www.springml.com/.

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