polySpectra & Keyland Polymer Announce Strategic Partnership to 3D Print Consumer Goods with Any Color

The combination of UVMax® powder coatings and COR Alpha 3D-printed parts will enable a new generation of consumer goods by unlocking any shape, in any color, for any application.
Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 8:00 AM CST

BERKELEY, Calif., Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Keyland Polymer and polySpectra today announced a strategic partnership to provide UVMax® powder coatings to COR Alpha 3D printed parts. This collaboration unlocks a new modular approach to additive manufacturing, enabling the direct digital fabrication of end-use polymer components for a wide variety of applications.


"The promise of 3D printing has always been to help innovators to quickly and efficiently make their ideas real," said polySpectra Founder and CEO Raymond Weitekamp. "For 3D printing to make the transition into true production-grade additive manufacturing  designers, inventors and engineers need to be able to trust that their printed parts will have the accuracy, aesthetics and durability required to use in their application. We are now making good on that promise."

The surface color and texture of the UVMax® coating can be tailored to make COR Alpha 3D printed parts indistinguishable from traditionally-manufactured polymer products. The color-matching capabilities of Keyland, combined with the versatility of polySpectra's Cyclic Olefin Resin (COR) family of materials  now enable consumer and industrial brands to adopt a completely new approach to digital manufacturing. Factors that make this partnership so unique include:

  • COR is the core – polySpectra's family of engineering-grade photopolymers unlock a diverse array of previously impossible additive manufacturing applications. For more than 5 years, the polySpectra team has been collaborating with end-users of 3D printing to refine COR Alpha for applications that require best-in-class thermomechanical performance and durability. From consumer products to medical devices to satellite parts - COR Alpha helps product teams accelerate innovation with advanced additive manufacturing.

  • UVMax® coating provides a spectrum of color possibilities – Keyland's UVMax® provides an excellent finish for plastic applications in transportation, light-weighting, building materials, consumer and industrial products. Keyland can develop a wide range of powders to match any supplied color standard. UV powder is an environmentally friendly coating, containing no solvents, VOCs, or HAPs. It is safe to use and can be reclaimed and recycled.

  • Improved durability: inside and out – Both COR Alpha and UVMax® were designed for durability. The high working temperature, toughness, and extreme chemical resistance of COR Alpha is enhanced by the hardness, abrasion resistance, and excellent adhesion of the UVMax® coating. (Click through for the technical datasheets for COR Alpha and UVMax®.)

"We have spent years searching for a scalable & durable coating solution that would enable our customers to apply their favorite brand colors to COR Alpha parts," said Weitekamp. "With UVMax®, we finally found the solution."

"Typical additive manufacturing polymers are challenging to coat. The high thermal stability of COR Alpha allows for a thorough and complete coating without the concern of warping or degrading the material." Andrew S. Walton, Business Development Manager at Keyland Polymer.

Learn more here: https://polyspectra.com/keyland

polySpectra is an advanced materials company with the mission to transform 3D printers from prototyping aids into production manufacturing tools. We see a world where every designer, inventor and engineer can quickly and affordably make their ideas real with digital manufacturing. polySpectra has developed new materials with unmatched properties for use in medical, aerospace, automotive, apparel and other industries. Connect with us at: partners@polyspectra.com

Keyland Polymer develops, formulates, manufactures, and sells UV curable powder coatings that are cured with UV light energy. UV powder coatings are a safe, solvent free, and energy efficient alternative for coating a variety of heat sensitive substrates such as plastic, composite, and wood, as well as traditional metal materials. info@keylandpolymer.com

A collaboration of cutting-edge UV curing.
A collaboration of cutting-edge UV curing.(PRNewswire)

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