UK foreign sec. calls Iran’s seizure of tanker ‘act of state piracy’

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced precious few details but said Britain's European allies will play a major role keeping shipping lanes open. One-fifth of all global crude exports passes through the narrow strait between Iran and Oman.

  ‘Joker’ leads Calif. police on chase

Al Franken says he ‘absolutely’ regrets resigning from Senate

Chris Kraft, 1st flight director for NASA, dies at 95

Macy’s pulls plates with portion size joke after online outrage

Deal sealed on federal budget, ensuring no shutdown, default

  Good Samaritans rescue driver of overturned pickup truck on interstate near Chicago

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Study: Millions should stop taking aspirin for heart health

Bayer recalls 990 vials of drug that treats serious bleeding

Study: Feeding babies peanuts reduces allergy risk

  Tom Hanks becomes Mr. Rogers in ′A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

Trump seeks Pakistan’s help to end long Afghanistan war

  Trump expands fast-track deportation authority across US

  Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans demand governor resign

Hundreds of thousands of people were expected to demand the governor's resignation over an obscenity-laced leaked online chat as well as federal corruption charges leveled against his administration.

Measles outbreak now reported in 30 US states

The most recent reported numbers show 1,148 individual cases of measles in the U.S. since the start of 2019, which is 25 more than the previous week.

Monument to mark glacier melted by climate change

The monument will include an inscription in Icelandic and English with the headline, “A Letter to the Future," which reads, “This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it."

Costa Rica officials say tainted alcohol kills at least 19

The ministry said in a Friday report that the investigation continues, but so far it has counted 14 men and five women who have died after drinking adulterated liquor since early June. The victims ranged from 32 to 72 years of age.

House Republicans promise tough questions at Mueller hearing

Ky. doctor’s wife mishandled vaccines, caused outbreak, state says

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: ‘The Lion King’ dominates in its opening weekend as ‘Avengers: Endgame’ breaks the all-time record

Mom says lifeguard told her not to breastfeed her baby at water park

  Equifax to pay up to $700M in data breach settlement

  Father of 6 dies after wave hits him at N.C. beach

  Officer responds to house party complaint, rides mechanical bull

One officer in Kilgore, Texas decided to try out the bull. And he managed to stay on it for almost 30 seconds, before falling off.

  'Everything went black’: Teen struck by lightning on Illinois soccer field

Most were warned about the storm before the lightning hit. A witness and team captain believes the teen was running for shelter when he was indirectly struck.

1960s prankster Paul Krassner, who named Yippies, dies at 87

The Yippies, who included Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman and were otherwise known as the Youth International Party, briefly became notorious for such stunts as running a pig for president and throwing dollar bills onto the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

  Napping 3-year-old shot by stray bullet at New York daycare

Police say eight people between the ages of 15 and 21 were arrested in connection with the shooting.

Newborn left on apartment doorstep in Florida

Police are investigating, and the Florida Department of Children and Families was notified.

  Heat and humidity grip East Coast as Midwest gets reprieve

Portions of the Central Plains and Mississippi Valley and much of the East Coast were still expected to see temperatures approaching nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius).

Prince George turning 6 as UK palace releases new photos

In two of the pictures, George is seen with a big smile as he wears an English soccer jersey. The third shows him on a family holiday.

Tainted alcohol kills 19 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health on Friday, July 19, confirmed it was investigating 19 deaths linked to methanol poisoning from tainted alcohol.

  Puerto Rico gov will not seek reelection, but won’t resign

Rosselló is facing public furor over an obscenity-laced online chat that showed the governor and his close advisers insulting women and mocking constituents, including victims of Hurricane Maria.

No prison time for man who had ‘nearly 200’ child porn images, videos

Steven Payne, who was the longtime volleyball coach at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis at the time of his arrest, registered as a sex offender on June 14.

Attorney: Deputy had no obligation to confront school gunman during mass shooting

Scot Peterson's attorneys say prosecutors stretched the laws "beyond their breaking points" when they charged him last month with child neglect, culpable negligence, and perjury for his actions during and after the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead.

Nadler: Mueller hearing to air evidence of Trump wrongdoing

Days before back-to-back hearings Wednesday, both sides seemed to agree that Mueller's testimony could be pivotal in shifting public opinion on the question of "holding the president accountable."

  ‘The Lion King’ bites off $185 million debut, a July record

"The Lion King" this weekend roared into 4,725 North American theaters, where it grossed a stunning $185 million, according to studio estimates on Sunday.

  US accuses Venezuela jet of aggressive action over Caribbean

U.S. authorities say their EP-3 plane was performing a multi-nationally approved mission and the Venezuelan SU-30 fighter jet closely trailed the plane, which the U.S. says endangered its crew.

Hotels become latest battleground over immigration detention

Advocacy groups and unions are pressuring Marriott, MGM and others not to house migrants who have been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

Plan would make multimillion-dollar mansions eligible for disaster aid

A proposed massive overhaul of the protection system to correct mapping mistakes and other errors would lift the prohibition for more than 900 other structures along the East Coast from New Hampshire to Virginia.

  Video: Naked man walks into Vermont store, buys coffee

On Wednesday, a customer got perhaps a little too comfortable in a specialty grocery store.

  Audio shows UK navy trying to thwart Iran from seizing ship

The audio, released by maritime security risk firm Dryad Global, shows how the British navy was unable to prevent the ship's seizure Friday by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ becomes highest-grossing movie, surpassing ‘Avatar’

Disney said the superhero movie has now brought in more than $2.7 billion worldwide.

A version of Zuckerberg’s ‘sleep box’ - coming to a store near you?

The “Zucklight” is a spinoff of something Mark Zuckerberg built called the “Sleep Box.” He made it for his wife to put on the table by their bed.

  Elderly man, woman dead after shooting at Delaware nursing home

A spokesperson for the nursing home says staff is “shocked and saddened by the isolated tragedy.”

  Girl, 9, drowns after electrocution in Calif. swimming pool

The 9-year-old's family says she was electrocuted after grabbing hold of the cord of a pool light that was under repair.

Southwest planes collide on Nashville airport tarmac

The airline says both planes returned to the gate “under their own power” and were taken out of service for evaluation.

Portman is Thor, Ali is Blade and more from Marvel’s Phase 4

Everything from "Black Widow," the "Doctor Strange" sequel, "Thor 4" to "Shang-Chi" to "The Eternals," is coming up for Marvel in 2020 and 2021.

Florida woman pulled knife on woman who refused to give her pizza, deputies say

Armed with a steak knife, Cooks reportedly told the woman, “I’m going to cut you.”

Animal shelter: Raid us instead of Area 51

Unlike the original Facebook event, the animal shelter is not joking. It legitimately wants people to give these animals a new home.

  ‘Survive, not enjoy’: Heat, humidity gripping half the US

The National Weather Service said "a dangerous heat wave" was expected to break record highs in some places, particularly for nighttime.

FDA: Target, Fresh Market recall certain salads, sandwiches over Listeria

Sandwiches and salads sold at Target and Fresh Market have been recalled over Listeria concerns.

Toddler drove his toy tractor to the county fair to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl without asking permission

The 2-year-old boy got all the way to the Tilt-a-Whirl before a sheriff's deputy interrupted his joy ride on his battery-powered John Deere tractor.

Listeria prompts recall of packaged salads, sandwiches sold at Fresh Market, Target

To date, no illness have been reported.

  Mail carrier rallies neighborhood, helps elderly woman get air conditioner

Lovie Weekly was without air conditioning for years. Mail carrier Christy Zahnter realized she could help.

  Nation marks 50 years after Apollo 11′s ‘giant leap’ on moon

Celebrations are in full swing across the country for the 50th anniversary of humanity's first footsteps on another world.

  Trump offers to guarantee rapper A$AP Rocky’s bail in Sweden

Urged on by the first lady and celebrities including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, the president had said in a Friday tweet that he would intervene to try to free Rocky, whose real name is Rakim May.

7-Eleven sets up college fund for baby born on 7/11 at 7:11 p.m.

Rachel Langford, who gave birth to baby J'Aime, says the college fund is "a real blessing."

  GRAPHIC: 10-year-old Calif. boy seriously injured after men toss him lit firework, family says

The boy's life was changed forever on July 6, his birthday, when he says two adult neighbors approached him outside his family’s home.

  Georgia man denies saying ‘Go back where you came from’ to black lawmaker

Rep. Erica Thomas, a Democrat from Austell, Ga., said the man was irate that she was in an express line with too many items.

  In reversal, Trump disavows criticism of chanting crowd

President Donald Trump on Friday reversed his previous criticisms of a North Carolina campaign crowd that chanted "send her back" about a Somali-born congresswoman.

  Creator of ‘Storm Area 51’ event says not to take it seriously

The creator of "Storm Area 51: They Can’t Stop All of Us” says not everyone realizes it's all a joke.

Strong quake hits near Greek capital of Athens, 4 hurt

Authorities said four people were hospitalized with injuries, none of them serious.

  Women ram Uber, rob passengers

An Uber ride through East Memphis came to a scary end for a group of young women who claim women in another car rammed them on purpose and robbed them.

  Lego unveils life-size Apollo 11 astronaut model at DC event

Lego unveiled a life-size model showcasing the space suit worn on the moon in 1969, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

Report: YouTube to pay FTC fine over kids’ data protection

Concerns have been raised about how YouTube collects minors' information and also about comments from pedophiles that have plagued the site.

Florida sheriff to investigate Jeffrey Epstein’s work release

A Florida sheriff launched an investigation Friday into whether his department properly monitored the wealthy financer Jeffrey Epstein while he was serving a sentence for soliciting prostitution from underage girls.

US kids more excited about being YouTube stars than astronauts

American children were about three times more likely to want to be a YouTuber than a space cowboy.

  Smart diapers by Pampers: Because the old-fashioned way isn’t working

The company says its “Lumi by Pampers” line will keep tabs on when your child pees and identify their patterns.

Don’t eat your veggies! Study suggests world shortage

Researchers found only 55 percent of world's population had enough fruits and veggies available in 2015 and the gap between supply and need is expected to grow.

  Parents told they could lose kids over unpaid school lunches

A Pennsylvania school district is warning that children could end up in foster care if their parents do not pay overdue school lunch bills.

  Iran’s seizure of UK tanker in Gulf seen as escalation

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says the tanker Impero Stena was seized Friday by its forces for “non-compliance with international maritime laws and regulations” and has transferred the vessel to an Iranian port.

  Ohio judge forces busted graffiti artist to use toothbrush for painting punishment

It was a hot day to serve any sentence, but it beat the 10 days in jail Avery White faced for spray painting graffiti on a railroad caboose.

Trump marks Apollo 11 anniversary by meeting its astronauts

President Donald Trump marked the 50th anniversary of the first human steps on the moon at an Oval Office meeting Friday with former Apollo 11 astronauts .

Ragu recalls some pasta sauces because of the possibility of plastic contamination

Consumers should look for the cap code on the yellow Ragu jar lid as well as the "best use by" dates.

  Sushi restaurants across the U.S. are catching fire, but why?

Investigators discovered that the fires were caused by spontaneously combusting tempura flakes.

  Graphic: Freak lawnmower accident slices open woman’s neck

Her husband was mowing their lawn when the mower kicked up something.

Berkeley drops words like ‘manpower’ in push to be inclusive

Nothing will be manmade in the liberal city but "human-made." And students at the University of California, Berkeley, will join "collegiate Greek system residences" rather than fraternities and sororities.

  Bud Light offers free beer to any alien coming out of Area 51

Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Bud Light, is offering free cans of its brew for any alien that emerges from the mysterious military base.

Federal agency says ‘go back where you came from’ is workplace harassment

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, if Pres. Donald Trump's controversial tweet was said in the workplace, it could be considered harassment.

  WATCH: Real-life ‘Spider-Man’ scales down Philadelphia high-rise to escape fire

The fire at the Holden Tower apparently began in a trash chute about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, causing flames to shoot out and spread heavy smoke to all floors of the building.

NFL won’t suspend Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill in case involving son

The league said Friday it has not been given access to information in the court proceedings, and a district attorney in June said an investigation was dropped because officials couldn't prove who injured the boy.