‘Debt avalanche’ method effective for those with multiple creditors
With the average American $5,500+ in consumer debt, the debt avalanche method can you help save on fees while paying it off. Consumer Investigator Rachel DePompa talks to an expert from NerdWallet for details.
The family of hazing victim Stone Foltz settles a lawsuit against Bowling Green University
Bowling Green State University in Ohio agreed to a $2.9 million settlement with the family of Stone Foltz, who died in 2021 following an alcohol-fueled fraternity hazing event. The university vowed to unite with the Foltzes in their mission to eradicate hazing. The Foltzes sued Bowling Green, in part, for its failure to punish the bad actors on its campus in the years prior to Stone’s death. Their lawsuit listed dozens of examples in which allegations of hazing weren’t fully investigated by the university or cases in which fraternities and sororities were merely placed on probation for serious violations. It's a similar story at other campuses across the country.
As credit card debt increases, tips to tackle your expenses
Are you bouncing from one credit card to another juggling balances and chasing rewards? Consumer Investigator Rachel DePompa speaks with aBankrate.com analyst on the best way to combat credit card debt.
Fake invoice scam targets personal info
Online shopping can often lead to emailed receipts and invoices, but experts say scammers are now targeting consumers through those same messages. Consumer Investigator Caresse Jackmanbreaks down how con artists are using fake invoices to steal your information.
Nissan is recalling more than 463,000 older vehicles.
Nissan is recalling more than 463,000 older vehicles.
Con artists employ cutting-edge technology in newest version of romance scams
It’s a new twist on an old scam: cybercriminals tricking people looking for love. But now instead of fake profiles, they’re using fake faces! Consumer Investigator Caresse Jackman examines how con artists are using hi tech tricks to run off with your money.
The first 8 digits of the lot code of the recalled cleaners are 2348US78 through 2365US78 and...
A recall has been issued for about 4.9 million units of Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners for containing Pseudomonas species bacteria – environmental organisms found in soil and water.
Banana Boat has expanded a sunscreen spray recall over the cancer-causing chemical benzene.
The maker of Banana Boat sunscreen is expanding its nationwide recall.