9 News Alert Team Stories

  ACTION JACKSON: Man claims city-parish neglecting responsibilities; mayor’s office responds

Kendall Miles says he’s been fighting with the city for a year trying to get them to fix an old culvert at his home on Elmwood Drive.
  ACTION JACKSON: Exposed sewerage affecting families at Baton Rouge apartment complex
Infant bibs recalled due to choking hazard
  Action Jackson helps man with wrongfully suspended driver’s license
  Sinkhole expands; homeowners look to developer for answers: ‘I feel like I’ve been robbed or cheated or lied to’
BBB Tips: Avoiding College Athlete Recruiting Scams
Locking mechanism on about 1.1 million pocket knives may fail; injuries reported
BBB tracking new ‘activation fee’ scam
Another brand of flour recalled over E. coli concerns

9 News Alert Team Stories Continued

  ACTION JACKSON: City cuts grass at business after residents express concern

  Action Jackson helps Baton Rouge neighborhood get city-parish’s attention

How to protect kids from kidnappers, predators, sex traffickers

  ACTION JACKSON: Homeowner claims BREC park is responsible for damaged property

  ACTION JACKSON: Woman claims Baton rouge apartment contributing to her safety concerns

200 million ‘Words With Friends’ players affected by data breach

  Homeowners frustrated about trash pile, look to city for answers

  Action Jackson helps homeowner resolve issue with tire shop

  Seniors meet law enforcement, learn helpful tips to fight scams

  SPECIAL REPORT: The cost of death