The eyesores can be seen on or around Washington Avenue.
People living in one Baton Rouge neighborhood are tired of seeing piles of debris sitting in front of their yards.
There are new safety alerts associated with some popular SUVs due to a fire hazard, frozen fruit over potential contamination, and a warning about a line of baby tents.
The FDA says the recall is for select packages of frozen fruit containing strawberries grown in...
The FDA says the recall is for select packages of frozen fruit containing strawberries.
As cyberattacks on young gamers increase, expert advice to keep your child safe
Cyberattacks on popular gaming platforms your child may use increased nearly 60% in 2022. And with kids out of school for the summer, a security expert from Kaspersky tells Consumer Investigator Rachel DePompa what parents need to keep a close watch.
Tangle of red tape around prescription drug benefits has doctors, patients frustrated
The drug benefit industry says it works to lower costs and improve outcomes, but critics say these 'middlemen' have too much control.
There are new safety alerts when it comes to a popular line of home candles, injuries have been reported related to a waffle maker, and you’ll want to double-check your buffalo wing sauce.
Elevator at Allen Court Apartments
People living at a retirement community in Port Allen are frustrated and feeling stuck after the elevator in the building stopped working.
Save money on your monthly utilities
Utility bills are up 5% over 2022. Consumer Investigator Rachel DePompa has expert tips from SaveOnEnergy on how you can lower your costs.