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  THE INVESTIGATORS: Attorneys claim cell phone videos from incident involving WBRSO deputy have been deleted

Lori Wright’s legal team is disgusted after her attorneys claim video of an incident with the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office she recorded on her phone July 17 is gone.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Records show man killed by law enforcement had previous armed confrontation with police

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Respiratory therapist speaks out after missing out on front line worker rebates

  BRPD releases videos of 24-second arrest of teen

Zurik: People tested at state coronavirus test sites wait more than two weeks for results

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Doctors weigh in on antibody testing as results prove widely unreliable

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Colleague reacts as more items revealed in Connie Bernard’s 3-hour shopping spree during board meeting

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  THE INVESTIGATORS: Despite denial, records show extensive online shopping by Connie Bernard during crucial board meeting

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Parents demand refunds, explanation after school announces socially distant graduation plan

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Governor responds to pictures showing lack of social distancing over Memorial Day weekend

  KIRAN: Second woman files suit against Clerk of Court alleging sexual harassment, retaliation

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Health experts concerned over lack of social distancing in spots over Memorial Day weekend

  Wrong video conference help line routes to scammers

  Another former Clerk of Court employee claims she was fired in retaliation for reporting sexual harassment

East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court Doug Welborn now faces a new lawsuit over allegations of sexual harassment.

Baton Rouge area nursing home reports highest cases in the region

The new data released by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) shows nursing homes account for nearly half of the total coronavirus deaths in East Baton Rouge Parish.

BRPD promotion dispute over seniority resolved

A district court judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD), preventing the agency from moving forward with filling a high-ranking vacancy on the force.

  Dozens of nursing homes cited for infection-related deficiencies early this year now have COVID-19 cases

An analysis of state nursing home inspections and records of COVID-19 infections associated with nursing homes by the Washington Post reveals dozens of facilities had infection-related violations in the months before coronavirus infections.

  Watching Your Wallet: Scammers found infiltrating legitimate job posting sites

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Recent officer shooting highlights rise in capital area domestic violence

Zurik: Death toll at Lambeth House higher than initially reported by state officials

  Drug Dependence: COVID-19 weakens already fragile U.S. drug supply

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Advocates sound alarm over rampant coronavirus cases inside La. women’s prison

Zurik: Doctor’s drive-thru Coronavirus testing methods, use of controversial drug questioned

  KIRAN: Loved ones claim lack of transparency, inconsistencies from Veterans Affairs

The 9News Investigators spoke to three families who recently lost their loved ones at the Southeast Louisiana Reserve Veterans home. All are now asking if enough was done at the home to save lives.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Louisiana receives failing grade for social distancing according to GPS data

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 marks one month since the state of Louisiana has been under a stay-at-home order. The state has received a failing grade according to data collected by a company that tracks cellphone GPS data.

Louisiana veterans home reports 43 deaths in 30 days

One month ago today (April 23), 144 veterans lived at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans home in Reserve, Louisiana. Since then, 43 residents of that home have died.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Temporary loss in sales tax revenue amid coronavirus pandemic could affect MOVEBR plan

One of the most significant road plans in East Baton Rouge Parish history is set to deliver more than 70 projects funded by a half-cent sales taxes from taxpayers over a 30-year period.

  KIRAN: New court filings into Dennis & Cynthia Perkins reveal alleged pattern with child sex abuse

The latest court filing paints a picture of Cynthia allegedly helping her husband as the two played out their alleged sexual fantasies.

  Dennis Perkins secretly recorded woman’s privates during traffic stop, prosecutor says

New court documents outline a traffic stop in which Perkins allegedly secretly recorded a female’s private parts while on duty.

  Dead people receiving $1,200 stimulus checks

While some are still waiting to receive their federal stimulus money, several dead people have already received theirs.

  KIRAN: Undercover camera catches unlicensed salesman trying to sell vehicles; cease and desist order issued

Just three days after the 9News Investigators went undercover at a used car dealership called Auto Trends in late February and early March, the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission (LUMVC) temporarily shut it down.

Zurik: Judge denies injunction over crowded St. Tammany Jail cells, says jail has already taken ’significant’ measures regarding Coronavirus

A federal district court judge has denied a group of attorneys’ efforts for an injunction to stop the St. Tammany Parish Jail’s crowded jail cells. The attorneys filed the request for a temporary injunction citing concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak in Louisiana.

  KIRAN: Why the discrepancy between LDH, parish coroners on number of coronavirus deaths?

What caught the eye of the 9News Investigators is why there appears to be a discrepancy between what the state is reporting compared to the parish coroners when it comes to COVID-19 deaths.

  Robocalls advertising fake coronavirus-related products and bogus deals

Robocalls have turned from the usual social security fraud scams to coronavirus-related messages. The FTC says some are peddling fake products, and others are looking to cash in on stimulus checks.

  KIRAN: Why are coronavirus test results taking so long?

It’s a question that’s been asked a lot. Many are wondering why are test results for the new coronavirus taking so long?

CORRECTION: DOW not correct site of Turner Industries employee’s claims

On Friday, March 27, WAFB 9News incorrectly identified the name of the plant where a man says he was terminated amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Pharmacists: Doctors writing prescriptions for possible COVID-19 treatment at expense of chronically-ill patients

Lupus patients say they are unable to get refills of their hydroxychloroquine after the announcement of clinical trials to study the drug for possible coronavirus treatment. Pharmacists say some doctors are writing prescriptions for friends and family members.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Doctor warns vaping could increase risk of coronavirus in young population

Coronavirus continues to tighten its grip on Louisiana and as new cases flood in daily, one doctor is concerned vaping and smoking could put people at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Participation in 2020 census will not affect potential coronavirus stimulus checks

With lawmakers stalled over whether American taxpayers should get a stimulus check due to the coronavirus, there is a new message going around warning folks may not even get those payments unless they participate in the 2020 Census.

Zurik: Hospitals increase capacity ahead of expected increase of COVID-19 patients

State leaders are very concerned with hospital capacity in the New Orleans area during the novel coronavirus outbreak that is being seen across the state.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Some question selection process amid coronavirus testing kit shortage

As fear over the invisible threat spreads, so does the confusion over exactly who should be tested for the virus and when.

  Watching Your Wallet: Travel insurance likely won’t cover coronavirus-related cancellations

Travel insurance will cover cancellations in very limited situations, and pandemics aren't generally one of those. InvestigateTV looks at vacation refund policies.

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

InvestigateTV is monitoring coronavirus COVID-19 cases around the country and updating information here frequently.

  Watching Your Wallet: With coronavirus causing market volatility, financial experts help you watch your nest egg

With coronavirus COVID-19 impacting the economy, financial experts give you ideas on how to focus on long-range planning.

  Cause of fire that killed 86-year-old still being investigated

One person has died following a house fire in Baker Thursday morning, according to the Central Fire Department.

  KIRAN: Grand jury indicts Melanie Curtin in connection with Dennis Perkins rape case; Curtin pleads not guilty

A Livingston Parish grand jury has indicted Melanie Curtin, the third person arrested in connection to the Dennis Perkins case.

  Sanitized: Online listings for hand sanitizer, disinfectant advertise inflated prices

InvestigateTV finds hand sanitizer and wipes with majorly inflated prices; state attorneys general ask consumers to report price gouging.

  Congress takes up insurance rate discrimination

A House subcommittee is considering making changes to insurance laws to stop car insurance companies from basing rates on factors like credit scores.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Inmate with violent past escapes from deputies; internal investigation ongoing

find out exactly how inmate, Cecil Williams, was able to take off in a hospital gown and slippers in the middle of the night early Sunday and sneak right past deputies who were supposed to be watching him.

Zurik: City to demote Safety and Permits Director following discrepancies by department’s inspectors

The City of New Orleans will be demoting Zachary Smith, the head of the city’s Department of Safety and Permits, the city’s chief administrative officer confirms to FOX 8 News on Monday. The move comes after discrepancies were exposed in a series of FOX 8 Investigations.

  La. judge resigns after admitting to sending racist text messages

23rd Judicial District Court Judge Jessie LeBlanc submitted her resignation Thursday, Feb. 27, levying a slew of allegations on her way out.

Zurik: St. Tammany Jail keeping inmates in holding cells for weeks, violating state’s minimum jail standards

Holding cells are meant to hold inmates for their first few days in custody. But a FOX 8 Lee Zurik Investigation found one jail was keeping people in these holding cells for weeks, against state standards.

  Gov. Edwards calls on judge who admitted to sending racist texts to resign; attorneys respond

Gov. Edwards has asked for the resignation of a judge who admitted to sending racist text messages.

Zurik: Additional discrepancies found in suspended building inspector’s past work

FOX 8 has uncovered additional discrepancies between the New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits inspection logs and GPS data from vehicles in the department.

  NAACP cites WAFB interview in formal complaint against judge with Supreme Court

The NAACP has submitted a formal complaint against 23rd Judicial District Judge Jessie LeBlanc with the State Supreme Court following her admission to sending a string of racist text messages in an interview with WAFB.

  9NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Louisiana Judge Jessie LeBlanc admits to using racial slur, apologizes

A district court judge made a stunning public admission Sunday – that she indeed used a stinging racial slur against a black sheriff’s deputy and a black law clerk in her district.

  Subject of 9News investigation back behind bars for alleged stabbings

A man newly accused of stabbing two people has a past criminal record, including a prior attempted murder arrest that grabbed the interest of the 9News Investigators.

  Rate Discrimination: Some insurance companies give better rates for customers with certain jobs, education

Drivers with less education or jobs that typically pay less may face higher car insurance rates, according to an industry insider.

  KIRAN: Arrest warrant reveals disturbing details about Zachary school teacher’s relationship with teen

An arrest warrant filed by the Zachary Police Department reveals disturbing details about the inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a 15-year-old student.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Federal wrongful death lawsuit filed against WBR sheriff, insurance company

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the West Baton Rouge Sheriff Mike Cazes and the sheriff’s office’s insurance company according to documents provided by Baton Rouge attorney Ron Haley.

  KIRAN: Video shows Livingston Parish deputy’s deadly off-duty confrontation

The 9NEWS Investigators have obtained a copy of the home surveillance video that was a key piece of evidence in clearing an off-duty Livingston parish sheriff’s deputy in a deadly shooting case.

KIRAN: LPSO deputy will not face criminal charges in off-duty fatal shooting

A Livingston Parish sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot a man while off-duty will not face any criminal charges, according to the Twenty-First Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Zurik: City inspectors approved work at the Hard Rock Hotel site, but GPS shows they were not there

New Orleans City Hall officials are investigating whether employees signed off on inspections at the construction site of the Hard Rock Hotel without visiting the project. The site collapsed in October killing three men and leaving a scar on the city's skyline.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Reports of elder abuse on the rise in Louisiana

Elder abuse is an awful crime that continues to take hold of the capital area as more and more elderly people are coming under attack. Experts say most of those seniors are being abused by those meant to care for them.

  Sunshine Bridge reconditioning, roadwork across state defaulted on by company with history of costly delays

Construction projects across the state awarded to Coastal Bridge, the company criticized for delayed and what some describe as “sloppy” work were stripped from the company after it defaulted on several contracts in early February, records show.

  First independent air quality monitor not in place until nearly an hour after ExxonMobil fire started

WAFB learned new information Thursday, Feb. 13 about the large fire at the Exxon facility in north Baton Rouge that broke out late Tuesday night (Feb. 11).

  LSP lieutenant demoted amid hazing scandal

Louisiana State Police Lieutenant Lenias Marie, pinpointed in an investigation into alleged hazing of LSP cadets, has been demoted to the rank of sergeant, records show.

  Patriot Penalty: Deployed service members come home to find higher auto insurance rates

Service members who cancel their car insurance to serve overseas may come back to find higher rate quotes after telling companies they didn't have coverage because of deployment.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: BRPD officer arrested on DWI charge faced prior sexual harassment allegations

Dave Davis Jr. remains on administrative leave as of Wednesday night (Feb. 12) from the Baton Rouge Police Department days after being arrested on a DWI charge.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Data reveals ExxonMobil refinery has faced nearly a dozen documented violations in past two decades

Data the 9News Investigators have found available on a Watchdog group website out of Washington, D.C. reveals ExxonMobil Refinery in Baton Rouge has faced nearly a dozen violations at the facility in the last two decades.

  Watching Your Wallet: How to become a 401(k) millionaire

From using a specialized retirement plan to considering using a "robo advisor," experts explain how you can grow your retirement savings.

  Costly Care: Medicare charged hundreds more than drug’s cost at cash value

A man noticed his insurance paid all of one medication, but then he discovered the federal government was billed hundreds more than market value.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Bond increased for man accused of brutally beating 5-year-old

Judge Ron Johnson has increased the bond for Darius Lewis who is accused of brutally beating a 5-year-old boy back in October 2019.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Officials issue warning about checks after mother, daughter arrested for alleged fraud

Officials with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are sounding the alarm, warning consumers to be careful when writing checks after a mother-daughter duo was arrested in Baker on felony fraud charges.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Former officer accused of lying, shooting at unarmed man will not be charged; can still work in law enforcement

Former Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) officer Yuseff Hamadeh will not be charged for his role in a 2018 shots fired incident or a 2017 fatal shooting.

  KIRAN: Bail bonds company puts up commercial surety to bond out Melanie Curtin

Melanie Curtin, the third person arrested in connection to the disturbing Dennis Perkins child sex crime case, has posted bond.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Man accused of severely beating child to remain behind bars, has history of alleged violence

The man accused of badly beating a 5-year-old and sending him to the ICU with internal damage will remain behind bars despite a judge setting his bond being at $7,500.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Protective order issued against man arrested after elderly woman discovered in ‘unlivable’ conditions

A protective order has been issued against Galen Marcantel, the man arrested and facing charges after an elderly woman was discovered in conditions the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office describes as “unlivable”.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Bond set for third person arrested in Dennis Perkins case

A judge has set a $350,000 bond for the third person who was arrested in part of the investigation into former Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy, Dennis Perkins.

ITI Technical College latest victim of ransomware attacks

A ransomware attack has “hampered but not paralyzed” operations at ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, college Vice-President Mark Worthy said Monday.

  Illegal Contact: Banned drugs found in athletic performance supplements

Current and former NFL players say they have tested positive for drugs because of contaminated supplements. Scientists say it's a problem not just for athletes but anyone taking supplements - particularly those in performance-enhancement categories like weight loss and muscle building.