THE INVESTIGATORS: 67-year-old handcuffed, in back of unit when officer allegedly tased him twice

Port Allen Police Chief Corey Hicks said one of his officers is facing charges after an investigation into a complaint about an incident involving unnecessary use of a taser.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: BRPD releases video of incident involving Koy Moore, 3 officers

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Jackson deputy marshal accused of choking teen arrested, fired from previous law enforcement agency

  THE INVESTIGATORS: LWC flagged by legislative auditor for potential improper unemployment payments

  THE INVESTIGATORS: $100K hush money demand over Derrius Guice accusations revealed in new audio, campus police report

Gloria Scott case follow up possible if additional evidence brought forward, New Orleans officers say

  ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS:’ Full LSU hush money phone call features Leonard Fournette name drop, ‘Nike’ comment. Audio with timestamps here

Continued Coverage

TEXT MESSAGES: $100K hush money demand made by man claiming to represent Guice accuser

  Records show allegations of ‘gang like’ hazing investigated among band, Greek organizations at Southern University

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Law professor claims state employee unjustly banned from public service over political posts

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter at Southern University hit with cease and desist order while school investigates complaint

  THE INVESTIGATORS: DA drops 640 drug cases tied to potential corruption within BRPD narcotic division

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Alleged hazing reported at Southern University, Alpha Phi Alpha chapter suspended while school investigates

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Documents reveal LSU has launched more than a dozen hazing investigations since Dec. 2019

LSU officials probed 14 reports of hazing among Greek organizations since December 2019, documents obtained by the 9News Investigators reveal.

  ACTION JACKSON: Zachary man in jeopardy of losing nearly 12 acres of land after he claims mortgage company failed to pay property taxes

Jacques Dobson says he’s been fighting for more than 10 years to get his property in Zachary back after he says his mortgage company, Southern Funding, failed to pay his property taxes back in 2010.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Jackson officer on leave, accused of choking teen at gas station

An officer with the Jackson Marshal’s Office is on leave after being accused of choking a teenager and using a racial slur about three weeks ago at a gas station.

  Sounding off: Veterans say their standard-issue earplugs caused hearing loss

Veterans are suing technology company in one of the largest multi-district litigation suits in history.

  LSP Trooper resigns after allegedly beating man with excessive force, sources confirm

  THE INVESTIGATORS: BRPD remains silent after officers cleared in Koy Moore situation; video still not public

  THE INVESTIGATORS: 3 officers involved in encounter with LSU WR Koy Moore cleared of any wrongdoing

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Man charged in deadly rampage has history dotted with streaks of violence

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Nightclub temporary shut down for overcrowding concerns, owner disputes claims

  THE INVESTIGATORS: LWC Secretary says fraud attempts play large role in delays with unemployment

  THE INVESTIGATORS: State worker slams continued delays with pending unemployment claims

An employee for the state says the time for patience is over and those in charge need to deliver on unemployment.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Complaints continue for LWC one week after agency extended call center operations

The complaints continue to pile up for the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) exactly one week after leadership within the agency extended the operations of call centers to help tackle more of the claims.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: LWC Secretary addresses delays, complaints as agency tackles unemployment claims

The head of the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) is acknowledging the problems that many recipients have expressed with the agency and asking for patience while they work to address them.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Blind zones on cars pose hidden danger for kids

A month after a 1-year-old was accidentally hit and killed in Baker, the 9News Investigators have found a hidden blind zone on cars that could put more children at risk.

  Report says injured LSP cadets looked like ‘domestic abuse’ victims

Louisiana State Police cadets suffered such severe injuries during the 2019 State Police Academy that one nurse said the cadets resembled “victims of domestic abuse and motor vehicle crashes.”

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Video shows part of encounter that sparked lawsuit, Louisiana trooper’s arrest

During his arrest, Aaron Bowman was allegedly beaten with a flashlight and cursed at by members of law enforcement, court records obtained by the 9News Investigators say.

  Full Documentary: Helpless - Patients at Risk

InvestigateTV's documentary explores the issues plaguing nursing homes in America.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Automaker plans to fix recalled airbags after WAFB questions delay in the process

Years after the warnings first went out about the dangers of some Takata airbags, an automaker plans to move ahead with repairs to the airbags after the 9News Investigators started asking questions about the delay in the process.

  As people travel home for Thanksgiving, experts warn a negative COVID-19 test doesn’t mean you are immediately in the clear

Experts say the demand for COVID-19 testing is going up right now as many folks try to take a test to see if they are in the clear to head home for Thanksgiving.

  Assessor Jeff Taylor should document personal use of public vehicle, audit says

Livingston Parish Tax Assessor Jeff Taylor should likely be documenting his personal use of his publicly-owned vehicle and reporting that use to the Internal Revenue Service as income, a state audit released Monday says.

Pattern of Protection

Families of those injured or killed by police say union contracts are protecting "bad apples" and stop police leadership from being able to have oversight. Union officials say police are highly scrutinized and need collective bargaining agreements.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: New Louisiana State Police superintendent promises transparency, accountability within agency

Col. Lamar Davis, who became the new superintendent of Louisiana State Police in Nov. 2020, tells the 9News Investigators he promises transparency to the people of Louisiana and to support his officers while holding them accountable for their actions.

  Second battery case against OLOL doctor being investigated

The East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s office is now investigating a second case involving Our Lady of the Lake Dr. Shane McKinney, the 9News Investigators have learned.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Incident report details what led officers to encounter with Koy Moore

As the Baton Rouge Police Department continues to investigate claims that LSU freshman wide receiver, Koy Moore, was violated by three officers, an incident report obtained by the 9News Investigators details what led officers to that encounter in the first place.

  Zurik: Councilmember asks state board to deny Folgers request for retroactive tax exemptions

A New Orleans City Councilmember says a major company is using a loophole to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes owed to the city and now she wants a state board to put a stop to it.

  ‘GoAuto Guy’ apologizes for VP-elect comment

The popular head of GoAuto Insurance has apologized for a Facebook comment he made that included a derogatory term to describe Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Dip in reporting amid pandemic suspected as number of reported child abuse cases drops

Eight months into the pandemic, the levels of reported child abuse and neglect in Louisiana are down. Back in March, there was a nearly 50% drop in reports.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: BRPD legal division says it will take at least 30 days to release any possible video of incident involving Koy Moore

The Baton Rouge Police Department’s legal division told WAFB-TV it would take at least 30 days for the agency to hand over any available body camera video from officers' encounter with LSU freshmen wide receiver Koy Moore.

  Nurse practitioner field grapples with question of whether to standardize curriculum nationwide

Nurse practitioners are questioning their own education at some colleges. There’s no national standard on how to educate nurse practitioners, while medical education for doctors was standardized more than 100 years ago.

  New member of Phi Kappa Psi who was victim of alleged hazing had BAC of nearly 6x legal limit; arrest made

A member of a fraternity at LSU has now been arrested in connection with a hazing incident that sent another member of the fraternity to the hospital recently.

  Penalties at Play: Millions of dollars flow to nursing homes from fines they have paid for poor care

Every year millions of dollars flow to nursing homes from a fund that is padded with fines collected from long-term care facilities that inspections show have put the health and safety of residents in jeopardy.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Law enforcement expert questions police chase that left 2 dead, 3 hurt

Now that two people are dead and several others are badly hurt, a law enforcement expert tells the 9News Investigators a deadly police chase from New Roads to Baton Rouge should have never happened.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Report shows active hazing investigation at LSU involves alleged alcohol, physical abuse

According to public records requested by the 9News Investigators, one of two recent investigations at LSU is an alleged hazing incident involving Sigma Phi Epsilon.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: New Iberia mom wants answers after son runs away from capital area group home

A New Iberia teen has been missing for almost a week after he took off from a group home in Baton Rouge. His mother now wants to know how he was able to walk right out the front door of the home while he was in the state’s care.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Port Allen woman loses hundreds of dollars in Publisher’s Clearing House scam

A Port Allen woman was swindled out of $939 after she says scammers made her believe she had won big from Publisher’s Clearing House.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Two new investigations involving LSU greek organizations pending while unrelated hazing probes open against other fraternity

While one fraternity is tied up in a hazing investigation at LSU, the 9News Investigators have learned of two more investigations involving Greek organizations at LSU.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: LSU fraternity suspended as campus investigates possible violations; DA calls it ‘unbelievably similar’ to Maxwell Gruver case

Louisiana State University suspended activities for its chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity as campus officials investigate “if violations of the law, LSU policy, or other applicable policies occurred.”

THE INVESTIGATORS: Iberville deputy back on the job after 14-day suspension for allegedly beating inmate

An Iberville Parish sheriff’s deputy is back on the job after he was suspended without pay for 14 days stemming from an incident with an inmate last month.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: BRPD admits no-knock warrant mix up; city to take responsibility for damages

The Baton Rouge Police Department is admitting its officers carried out a no-knock warrant at the wrong house after WAFB’s Scottie Hunter started asking questions about the incident.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Member of WBR Chamber leadership team on leave after being arrested on drug charges at US-Mexico border

A member of the leadership team for the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce is on a leave of absence from the organization after being arrested at the U.S.–Mexico border on drug charges Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020.

  AUDIO: Louisiana trooper admits beating, choking Ronald Greene during fatal traffic stop

A Louisiana State Trooper, who is now deceased, is heard admitting he “beat the ever-living f*ck” out of a Black man during a struggle that followed a May 2019 pursuit.

Profanity laced audio raises further questions about man’s death in Louisiana State Police custody

Profanity laced audio obtained by WAFB appears to reveal a member of law enforcement discussing use of force against a black man in a case that has prompted cries of a coverup in Louisiana’s law enforcement community.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: EBR Assoc. of Educators raises concerns over school conditions despite large investment by district

Leaders with the East Baton Rouge Parish Association of Educators are calling on teachers across the parish to stay home Monday, Oct. 5 as a day of action.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: LSU coronavirus dashboard receives lowest transparency ranking in SEC

With campus back open and football set to start up against Sept. 26 against Mississippi State, LSU’s coronavirus dashboard has received the lowest ranking for transparency among SEC schools.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: High-ranking deputy to be suspended without pay after insensitive social media post

Iberville Sheriff Brett Stassi tells WAFB he will look into complaints that a high-ranking lieutenant with his department posted an insensitive comment on social media.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Baton Rouge protests against police brutality cost $900k in overtime pay for officers

Did protests calling for reform and defunding the police held this summer actually put more money in the pockets of officers?

  THE INVESTIGATORS: High-price legal team costs city-parish over $170k in lawsuit involving Alton Sterling’s family ahead of expected trial

City leaders are barreling toward a court date for a judge to rule on a civil lawsuit filed by the family of Alton Sterling. The decision imminent now after EBR metro council members chose not to approve a proposed $5 million payout to settle the case.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: LSU student organizations charged with potential COVID-19 violations

LSU interim president Tom Galligan has announced that four student organizations are currently going through the conduct process, meaning they have been charged with violating the university’s code of conduct as it relates to the coronavirus.

  Zurik: Employees say airport contractor forced them to commit unemployment fraud

A group of workers for a national airport services contractor say their employer forced them to work their full schedule but claim unemployment for a portion of their paycheck.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Videos surface online showing wild student parties as COVID-19 cases rise on area campuses

Disturbing videos shared with the 9News Investigators show wild parties allegedly on or near both major universities in the Baton Rouge area. The videos surfaced online as classes get back in session and coronavirus cases are starting to rise on area campuses.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Caterer, client at odds over wedding canceled due to coronavirus pandemic

An area wedding caterer and one of their clients are at odds over how to move forward after a recent wedding ceremony had to be canceled because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Attorneys call for internal investigation into deadly parking lot shooting case

Jace Boyd is behind bars on a $300,000 bond after allegedly shooting and killing a man who was asking for money in the Trader Joe’s parking lot on Perkins Road, but his arrest is only leading to more questions about how the Baton Rouge Police Department handled the case.

  Prosecuted and Paid: Government doles out billions in coronavirus relief money to companies that paid out millions in fraud-related cases

More than 200 companies that paid the federal government for fraud related accusations in the last decade received billions of dollars in unsolicited relief money as part of the coronavirus bailout package.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Man accused of killing girlfriend was due in court over recent alleged abuse

The man accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend to death in Zachary early Wednesday morning (Aug. 19) was due in court in a few weeks after being arrested back in June for allegedly attacking the same woman.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Attorneys claim cell phone videos from incident involving WBRSO deputy have been deleted

Lori Wright’s legal team is disgusted after her attorneys claim video of an incident with the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office she recorded on her phone July 17 is gone.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Woman, attorneys raise questions after sheriff’s office confiscates phone for weeks amid investigation

Lori Wright calls it one of the worst nights of her life.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Officer renews firearms qualification after questions raised at public meeting

The mayor of French Settlement says she has questions for an officer in the village police department after a resident accused him of being behind on his training.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Records show man killed by law enforcement had previous armed confrontation with police

Hours after the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) released video of a deadly officer-involved shooting near Tigerland, the 9News Investigators have learned more about the man who was killed.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Respiratory therapist speaks out after missing out on front line worker rebates

Some folks who have been keeping the state going during the coronavirus fight can now get a little thank you from the state through a $250 rebate. One front line worker though tells the 9News Investigators she and others she knows were cut out of the program because of the income restrictions.

  BRPD releases videos of 24-second arrest of teen

The Baton Rouge Police Department has released one dashcam and three bodycam videos on Tuesday, July 14 of an incident that occurred on July 6.

Zurik: People tested at state coronavirus test sites wait more than two weeks for results

One couple tested in late June at a Northshore test site are still waiting on their results 16 days after being tested.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Doctors weigh in on antibody testing as results prove widely unreliable

There have been a lot of numbers thrown at folks since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but doctors say they’re paying attention to one set of numbers now more than ever as many places across the country move ahead with reopening.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Colleague reacts as more items revealed in Connie Bernard’s 3-hour shopping spree during board meeting

Now that records the 9News Investigators uncovered reveal EBR school board member, Connie Bernard, was in fact bargain shopping during a board meeting over the renaming of Lee High School, the school board member’s colleague says he’s disgusted, but not surprised.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Despite denial, records show extensive online shopping by Connie Bernard during crucial board meeting

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member, Connie Bernard, was indeed online shopping for nearly an hour during a recent school board meeting that discussed the renaming of Lee High School, a review by the 9News Investigators reveals.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Parents demand refunds, explanation after school announces socially distant graduation plan

Parents of Mentorship STEAM Academy graduates are outraged as the school moves ahead with plans to host a socially distant graduation ceremony for what parents describe as one of the largest classes in the school’s history.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Governor responds to pictures showing lack of social distancing over Memorial Day weekend

All the good news comes on the heels of plenty of pictures shared with the 9News Investigators showing folks jammed into stores and bars over the Memorial Day weekend.

  KIRAN: Second woman files suit against Clerk of Court alleging sexual harassment, retaliation

A second woman has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment within the East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court.

  THE INVESTIGATORS: Health experts concerned over lack of social distancing in spots over Memorial Day weekend

Experts are concerned after pictures have surfaced online showing several large gatherings in the capital area that show folks partying and crowding businesses with what appears to be a lack of social distancing and few face masks.