• Bridging The Great Health Divide

  Large swaths of rural America are health care deserts with too few primary care doctors, pediatricians, and OB-GYNs to care for residents

In 207 counties in 2018, there wasn’t a family, general or internal medicine doctor – the primary care doctors mainly for adults, according to an InvestigateTV analysis of federal data.
  • Great Health Divide

Some rural areas hit hard with cancer deaths

Cancer claims millions of lives in the U.S. each year. Access to treatment, preventative care and screenings is a unique hardship for some people in rural areas.
  • Great Health Divide

Appalachian, Mississippi Delta regions ‘medically underserved’ for decades

The Health Resources and Services Administration classifies geographic areas as medically underserved based on them having too few primary care doctors, a high infant mortality rate, high poverty or a high elderly population.
  • Bridging The Great Health Divide

La., Hawaii senators introduce bill to increase funding for schools performing research into minority health disparities

Two U.S. senators, one from Louisiana and one from Hawaii, have introduced a bill to the Senate that would increase investments in schools performing research into minority health disparities.
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  Organizations are trying to do more to help those struggling during coronavirus pandemic

“Sometimes the schools don’t always help for lunches and things like that and when they are not able to help I can rely on the food bank,” one woman tells WAFB.
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  New initiatives launched to save lives as overdose deaths continue to rise in EBR Parish

East Baton Rouge Parish is on track to surpass a record of fatal overdoses set last year.
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  Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in prisons

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 requires social distancing, something that’s hard to do inside prison facilities putting prisoners and officers at a unique risk.
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Biden opens ‘Obamacare’ window for uninsured as COVID rages

The regulatory changes Biden is asking federal health officials to undertake aren't likely to happen overnight because hastily written rules are more easily overturned in court.
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Favoritism some vaccine providers give to their customers must end, La. health officials warn

Health officials in Louisiana warned healthcare providers not to prioritize their own patients when distributing vaccines.
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  Rural parishes struggling to keep up with administering coronavirus vaccines

Rural parishes in Louisiana are struggling to keep up with the vaccine demands.
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  According to study minorities less likely to get COVID-19 vaccine

The CDC says minorities have been more likely to have serious complications with COVID-19, but a number of studies say there are far less likely to get a vaccine. However, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is hoping to change that for minority groups.