Showcasing Louisiana

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Inside Mimosa Handcrafted jewelry

In this edition of Showcasing Louisiana, go behind the scenes of local jewelry line, Mimosa Handcrafted, to learn the stories behind their Louisiana-inspired pieces.

Louisiana and Festivals: A match made in Heaven

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Rival coach inspired by student athlete with rare condition

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: 13th Gate offers chilling thrills for Halloween

SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Baton Rouge man hand sews bow ties to jazz up men’s wardrobes

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: National Hansen’s Disease Museum

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Message in a bottle from Louisiana found in Missouri

Continued Coverage

  Santa’s Baton Rouge workshop prepares for the season

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Exploring one of the oldest homes in Baton Rouge, Magnolia Mound Plantation

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Feliciana Hummingbird Celebration

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Keeping swamp pop music alive

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Gros’ Marina serving up good food, entertainment for many years

  Teens solves Rubik’s Cube in seconds, calls the challenge fun

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Inside Deaf Focus and its advocacy work

A bright spot during Hurricane Barry came during an emergency briefing provided by Ascension Parish leaders. It wasn’t anything officials actually said, but it was the expressive gesturing of sign language interpreter, Ari Latino, that captured everyone’s attention.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Chauvin Sculpture Garden captivates with mystery and intrigue

A sculpture garden of over 100 life-size sculptures crafted by a humble, mysterious artist sits in the small coastal Louisiana community of Chauvin.


Mike the Tiger, not the mascot, but the tiger himself, has almost 230,000 followers on social media and posts a picture of himself every weekday. But since he’s a tiger, he’s probably getting some help.

Where Pen & Paper Have Their Part: Mason Sibley touches hearts with art

Local published illustrator, Mason Sibley, still enjoys drawing classic Disney animated characters and superheroes. That’s because Mason is only 16 years old. His drawing “career” began at an early age.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Customers weigh in on popular capital area snoball locations

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Leroy’s Lip Smack’n Lemonade

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Miss. River nearly changed course in 1973

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Symphony of sawdust keeps uniquely Cajun sound in tune

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Student athlete making strides despite physical disability

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Group uncovers forgotten plantation cemeteries

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: New restaurant at The Myrtles serving up ‘contemporary history’

A popular attraction in West Feliciana Parish known for its rich history and paranormal activity just got a face lift.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Fighting erosion with floating islands and plastic bottles

The floating islands project consists of conservationists, corporations, and school children work together to rebuild Louisiana's eroding marsh.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Seersucker suits have their roots in Louisiana

It was 1909 when a man by the name of Joseph Haspel Sr. invented the seersucker suit at his New Orleans factory at the corner of St. Bernard and Broad avenues.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Charter fisherman taking strangers on a different kind of fishing trip

The day started out like any other fishing trip, with hours of preparation fueled by high expectations.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Manager of Chicken Shack offers inspirational messages over the phone

His messages are almost as famous as the chicken...

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Morganza to mark 50th anniversary of filming of ‘Easy Rider’

A movie that is now in the Library of Congress National Film Registry was shot, in part, in Louisiana, but for one small community, that wasn’t always a good thing.

  Young entrepreneur uses pillows to chase her dreams

Condoleezza Semien, 13, is on a journey that most teenagers her age are not.

  ASL program launches at Walker High School, hopes to answer shortage of interpreters statewide

A sign language program has launched at Walker High School this year to offer a new prospective to students interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL).

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Man creates sculptures out of toothpicks

One young man is taking creativity to a different level. On any given day, after he’s worked an 8-hour shift, you can find him at home working some more.

  La. man celebrates 50th anniversary of world record flight

It may be the Mount Everest of aviation: a solo flight around the world in a single engine plane.