SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Rougarou Fest in Houma

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Rougarou Fest in Houma

Those who grew up in south Louisiana know all about the swamp creature called the Rougarou... after all, if you were bad as a kid, mama would say the Rougarou would come to get you.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Imahara Legacy Garden

There’s a spot in St. Francisville where continents and cultures converge. Behind three Japanese torii gates lies a beautiful garden that tells a uniquely American story.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Owner of Red Stick Spice Company draws inspiration from her mother

Have you ever tried to cook one of your mom’s recipes? Somehow, even if you follow it to the letter, it’s never quite the same...

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Mr. Milkshake serves art in a cup

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Mr. Milkshake creates art in a cup

Wherever he parks his mobile milkshake machine, people line up, and it’s not just for a creamy blend of ice cream and milk. Mr. Milkshake serves up art in a cup.

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: 'Lost Bayou' makes worldwide premiere

  SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: ‘Lost Bayou’ film makes world premiere

Watching the film Lost Bayou is a haunting journey. The story follows a struggling addict forced to reconnect with her estranged father aboard his secluded houseboat. She ends up making a chilling discovery that leads the pair deeper into the swamp.