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  HAND IT ON: Rose Anderson’s line dancing class

We’ve all heard the best way to stay healthy as we age is to eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise more. Well, one particular group in Baton Rouge is proving the experts right, especially with regard to the exercise part of that equation.

  HAND IT ON: Olivia Anderson - Blankets for Iris House

  HAND IT ON: Ascension Oaks Hair Stylists

  HAND IT ON: Year In Review: A Look Back at 2018

  HAND IT ON: REACH Program - Evelina Victor-Palmer

HAND IT ON: Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program collects Christmas gifts for kids

  HAND IT ON: Christmas Crusade

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  HAND IT ON: Holly Reynolds

  HAND IT ON: Blue Star Moms

  HAND IT ON: Ascension Parish Christmas Crusade

  HAND IT ON: 1031 Consortium

HAND IT ON: Saving animals during disasters

  HAND IT ON: Daniel Wilson

  HAND IT ON: Little girl wants donations to police in lieu of birthday gifts

A 7-year-old's birthday party is filled with balloons, cake, and lots of presents ... right? Not in the case of Adaire Hargroder. Nope! She wanted to be the one to GIVE the presents at her own party, not receive them.

  HAND IT ON: Uniforms for Kids

WAFB begins its 21st year in a row supporting St. Vincent de Paul's Uniforms for Kids drive this week. The CEO and president of St. Vincent de Paul, Michael Acaldo, explains why this drive is so important, not only for parents, but for a child's self esteem.

  HAND IT ON: Woman runs adult daycare with much of her own money

Mary White is a professional nurse and has been for all of her adult life. Most of her work has been in nursing homes caring for the elderly.

  Hand It On: Baton Rouge Food Bank Volunteers

Earlier this week, we introduced you to a group of Baton Rouge Food Bank volunteers called the "Wednesday Warriors" and let's just say they managed to catch the attention of a lot of folks, including our Hand It On team.

  HAND IT ON: Camp United

  HAND IT ON: Good Samaritan Travis Catron

  Hand It On: Hattie B. Johnson