Family members of Alton Sterling accepted $4.5M settlement, according to court documents

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 11:31 AM CDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Family members of Alton Sterling have accepted an offer from the City of Baton Rouge in a wrongful death lawsuit, according to court documents.

According to sources, the Sterling family accepted $4.5 million dollars in a settlement, putting an end to a lengthy legal battle.

Sterling was killed by a BRPD officer in 2016.

The following statement is from the mayor:

“The family of Alton Sterling has officially dismissed their lawsuit against the City of Baton Rouge following their acceptance of the settlement proposed by out Metro Council earlier this year. This undoubtedly marks a milestone in this traumatic chapter of our community’s history — as this chapter closes, we must remember that the work continues.

This settlement is an important step for our community. As we move forward, we can continue to focus on priorities within our community, and re-build a stronger foundation for Baton Rouge’s future. As a community, we must work together to implement changes in policy and in our community to ensure that no other families in Baton Rouge will endure this loss, trauma, or heartbreak.

My continued sympathy and prayers go out to the Sterling family as they continue to navigate this loss.”

The following statement is from the attorneys for the family of Alton Sterling:

“On behalf of the family of Alton Sterling, we are pleased to announce that we have reached a $4.5 million settlement with the city of Baton Rouge and dismissed our lawsuit against the city and others.

This settlement, which was reached through hard work and collaboration between attorneys for Mr. Sterling’s family and the Baton Rouge City Council, will allow the city to heal and provide a pathway for Mr. Sterling’s children to be provided for financially. Additionally, we are grateful for the significant policy changes that have been and will be implemented by the city of Baton Rouge and the Baton Rouge Police Department following Mr. Sterling’s death.

Our hope is that these policy changes, which focus on de-escalation, providing verbal warnings prior to using deadly force and prohibiting officers from both using chokeholds and firing into moving vehicles, will ensure that no other family has to endure the trauma and heartbreak that Mr. Sterling’s family went through and will create a better future going forward for Baton Rouge residents.”

The following statement is from Parish Attorney Andy Dotson:

“The Alton Sterling matter that was pending in the 19th Judicial District Court before Judge William Morvant has been resolved by the dismissal of all claims. This matter will now proceed pursuant to the settlement agreement previously approved by the Metropolitan Council.”

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