Iberville President seeks eighth term in office, main opponent pushes for term limits as part of campaign platform

Jessel "Mitchell" Ourso, Jr. has served as president of Iberville Parish since 1997, and now he's seeking another term in office.
Published: Oct. 10, 2023 at 10:48 PM CDT
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IBERVILLE PARISH, La. (WAFB) - Jessel “Mitchell” Ourso, Jr. has served as president of Iberville Parish since 1997, and now he’s seeking another term in office.

One candidate who’s running against him this go-round is using term limits as part of his campaign platform.

Current Iberville Parish School Board President Chris Daigle and Oneal “Elmo” Bosley, who’s run for the seat for decades now, are facing off against Ourso.

Each candidate believes they’re the right person to lead Iberville into the future.

“I feel very, very confident about this,” said Ourso (I), current Iberville Parish President.

Parish President Ourso is running for what would be considered his eighth term in office, pending the results of election day this Saturday.

“What’s wrong with 30 years of service, anybody does 30 years of service. They say you been here too long, I don’t believe that. And I don’t think the people going to believe that, that I’ve been here too long,” said President Ourso.

It’s probably the fiercest attack he’s facing this time around from one particular opponent who is also pretty well known in the community.

“I’m a firm believer that after 26 years, it is time to so-called hang the hat up. And move it on to the next generation, so we can move Iberville forward,” said Chris Daigle (D), candidate for Iberville President.

School Board President and businessman Chris Daigle wants to put term limits on the ballot for citizens to decide upon.

“Put term limits at 12 years, where we can have a change in leadership to promote new growth and new ideas,” said Daigle.

But Ourso says if you bring up term limits in the parish, the same needs to be considered for things like the Sheriff, Assessor, and Clerk of Court.

“In my book, term limits happen every 4 years. A matter of fact, term limits are starting October 14th and if I didn’t do what I’m supposed to do, I’m term-limited, they voted me out,” said Ourso.

Ourso’s campaign raves about his role in bringing a future new Mississippi River Bridge to Iberville Parish, and it’s a big reason why he’s running for another term.

“It is important that whoever that governor may be, that I work closely to see this become a reality, this bridge. We are deserving of this,” said Ourso.

Other candidates shared some of their main platforms.

“I want to bring some smart growth to Iberville Parish and bring some young families back with some affordable housing,” said Daigle.

“The first thing I want to do is get a legal aid department. Legal aid department would let you go ahead with a case or just draft it, or there’s no use to fight it,” said Oneal “Elmo” Bosley (no party), candidate for parish president.

President Ourso says he’s always put Iberville Paris first regardless of if it was the popular decision or not, and he says he plans to continue doing that if re-elected.

“I’ve never let you down, and I’ve always fought for you, for whatever. I didn’t let East Baton Rouge flood us in East Iberville. I fought everyone to get us a bridge here, I’ve never let you down,” said Ourso.

While Daigle believes the time is now for change.

“We need to move Iberville forward, and it needs to be about the future, not what’s going on now, now what one individual can say I can, it needs to be about we the people. And we can move Iberville forward together,” said Daigle.

Parish President Ourso says it’s likely this would be his last term in office if re-elected.

Election day is Saturday, October 14.

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