Woman dies after getting trapped in hot vehicle with 2 children

Megan Oxley was traveling on Highway 412 with her niece and nephew when her car ran out of gas. (SOURCE: KAIT)
Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 1:02 PM CDT
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DUNKLIN COUNTY, Mo. (KAIT/Gray News) - A family is mourning after a woman who is paralyzed from the waist down died after she became trapped in her car when it ran out of gas.

Megan Oxley had left from Kennett, Missouri and was traveling on Highway 412 with her niece and nephew when her car ran out of gas, KAIT reported.

Oxley’s sister, Amber Jones, began to worry Saturday morning because she had not heard from her. The family then contacted police.

“I just assumed that maybe she stayed with someone or maybe someone had come and got her, but no one was able to get ahold of her, and the next morning we were pretty panicked, we called the cops and got them involved,” Jones told KAIT.

The Dunklin County Sheriff’s Department then got involved and determined Oxley’s location.

Officials discovered Oxley’s vehicle had run out of gas and she was unable to get help due to her paralysis. The two children were also unable to help because of their young ages.

Oxley and the children were trapped inside the car as temperatures rose over 100 degrees.

Unfortunately, authorities got to Oxley too late. She died in the driver’s seat before help could arrive.

Jones said she still can’t believe her sister is gone.

“She was happy when I saw her last, she was smiling and talking to me. She was just so full of life,” she said.

The children were still alive and were taken to a hospital to get medical treatment.

Although she is grieving the loss of her sister, Jones is relieved she didn’t lose her child.

“I am so thankful, I am so happy she is alive. I was terrified, very terrified,” Jones said.

Both children are in good condition and recovering, and the family thanked everyone who helped them search for their sister.