‘Funny how the world works out:’ Pic of young Cade Beloso goes viral from ‘09 with former LSU player

There was a special moment shared on social media between LSU designated hitter Cade Beloso, and former LSU baseball player Ryan Schimpf, both now are champs.
Published: Jun. 28, 2023 at 10:35 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - There was a special moment shared on social media between LSU’s designated hitter Cade Beloso, and former LSU player Ryan Schimpf, both now national champions.

Schimpf stumbled across a picture from back in 2009, when a young Beloso asked him for an autograph.

All-SEC and LSU Baseball alum Ryan Schimpf knows what it’s like to win a national championship.

As part of that special 2009 team, he tweeted a picture from back then with Cade Beloso.

“Seeing him in the picture with the trophy, it’s funny how the world works out, how he did it, and I couldn’t be happier for him,” said Schimpf.

In the tweet, Schimpf calls Beloso “A young grinder.”

“It’s kind of a baseball term just being a grinder, and just really hustling your way and working your butt off, because he’s faced a lot of adversity. So, he’s definitely a grinder,” said Schimpf.

Schimpf explained the two have gotten close, and he’s happy to see him make the dreams of a championship come true.

“Cade and I developed a little friendship because I was still playing when he was a freshman. So, I got to spend a little bit of time hitting in the offseason. So, I couldn’t be happier for a guy like him, and I just thought it was fitting hearing him talk, setting goals and chasing after his dreams,” said Schimpf.

Beloso saw the tweet and replied to Schimpf, “Thank you for being a great example grinder. My favorite player of all time. Used to play your homerun from the finals on repeat.”

Man, that really hits home, and I get chills. I wasn’t joking in that tweet. He’s my favorite player of all time and it just kind of hits a little different when he played for LSU. And I watched that video at the College World Series on repeat as a kid, and him just going deep in Rosenblatt was unbelievable. So, you know, just getting his support and his congratulations, that was up there with some of the best I’ve ever seen, and that meant a little different,” said Cade Beloso, LSU Baseball’s designated hitter.

The tweets have since gone viral with thousands of likes.

Schimpf is excited the national championship trophy is back in Baton Rouge and has some advice for Beloso and these champions.

“They’re on a hell of a ride, because LSU fans love their championships, they love their baseball, so they’re legends forever. So, soak it in as much as you can, take every picture, sign every autograph and really enjoy it, because it goes by fast,” said Schimpf.

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