I-TEAM: Separate complaint alleges private school administrator sent inappropriate messages to another student

A spokesman with the Baton Rouge Police Department confirms they have received a separate complaint against Corey Nash, dean of students at Second Chance.
Published: Jun. 14, 2023 at 5:41 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A spokesman with the Baton Rouge Police Department confirms they have received a separate complaint against Corey Nash, dean of students at Second Chance Academy.

In that separate complaint filed on May 23, 2023, a local pastor alleges Nash sent a girl at her church some inappropriate messages. That young girl also attends Second Chance Academy. Pastor Melissa Dunn-Davis said she made the report on behalf of the young girl’s mother after they brought the messages to her. The pastor also chose to speak with WAFB on the mother’s behalf so that the young girl will not be identified.

“We have got to stand up and stop this,” said Dunn-Davis. “These young girls are being violated and someone has to speak up for them.”

Those messages, provided to the WAFB I-TEAM, come from the same number associated with the other student’s complaint. In the new messages, someone texting from the number associated with Nash tells another student to call him daddy. When that student questions why she should call him daddy, the person responds that he is just playing. At one point during the text exchange, that person tells the female student that he should stop texting her before she tells on him.

“They gave me those text messages and I read them. They made me cringe. They made me cringe and I’m a grown adult,” said Dunn-Davis. “That kind of stuff, we can’t let it keep happening. We just can’t.”

These allegations were reported to the Baton Rouge Police Department about a week before another mother, Raynesha Cummings, reported that Nash had been texting her daughter for months and paying her in hopes of getting explicit photos in return.

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Cummings provided copies of the text messages she says transpired between her daughter and Nash. When WAFB called the phone number seen on the text messages, Nash picked up the phone and identified himself.

Cummings says, since April, Nash has been sending money directly to her daughter through a cash-sharing app to buy various things including a video game. One of the transactions, she says, was for $600. Cummings provided records to WAFB showing these transactions.

Cummings says she went to the school Tuesday to confront Nash about the messages and the money that was exchanged. Video filmed by her daughter appears to show Nash own up to the inappropriate messages. At no point during the video does Nash deny the allegations but instead he repeatedly dismisses them as a joke.

Pastor Dunn-Davis says she was horrified when she saw Nash had allegedly sent inappropriate messages to another young girl but says she was not surprised.

“When you look at the report from yesterday he owned up to his actions but then he walked away without any repercussions,” said Dunn-Davis.

The pastor says she hopes police will take these complaints seriously and take action against Nash. She also is concerned there are other cases that have just not been made public yet. She adds while some people may blame the young girls for responding the Nash, she says he is the adult and the blame falls squarely on his shoulders.

“You know they not grown so if you know they’re not grown then why are you grazing in that grass,” Dunn-Davis questioned. “I pray for him number one and number two, Mr. Nash, I want to say to you I pray to God that you never experience mentally what some of these young ladies are experiencing.”

Now that there are two separate complaints out there, Dunn-Davis is hoping anyone else who may have any inappropriate messages from Nash will be empowered to come forward and report it.

“If your child has gone through anything like this, please don’t sit quiet. It’s time to get up,” she added.

WAFB’s Scottie Hunter has reached out to Attorney Dele Adebamiji who Nash said represents him for comment on these allegations. A message was left with his office but he has not responded

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