Stay cool this summer with energy saving tips

Staying cool during the summer months in Louisiana is a must.
Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 4:31 PM CDT

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Staying cool during the summer months in Louisiana is a must.

For Angela Poulton and her kids that means ice-cold lemonade outside and watching the thermostat when she gets home.

Poulton explained, “I mean everything goes up. There is more electricity being used. There is more snacks, more meals eaten at home. You wash more clothes.”

David Freese with Entergy says there are easy ways you can save on the energy bill.

Freese continued, “It really boils down to how much you are using. The more you use, the higher your bill.”

To beat the heat but save money, you can change air filters, set the thermostat to the highest comfortable temperature.

Also use ceiling fans to cool off, make sure the fans are spinning counter-clockwise and close blinds and curtains

“We will see a fluctuation in bills, but we encourage customers to take the necessary steps,” added Freese.

Last year, energy costs spiked as we saw unprecedented things unfold overseas but Anne Hawes with DEMCO says customers should not see that same spike this summer as bills have in her words, “normalized”.

Hawes said, “There was a shortage of production. Supply down, demand up. That hit everyone.”

As for Poulton, she says she did see that spike in her bill but taking the necessary steps this summer to lower how much energy she uses.

Poulton added, “When we are outside, we have sprinklers. When we come in, it is wind down time. Everything is closed and dark. We watch a movie or read a book.”

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