License revoked for ‘disappearing dentist’ following multiple WAFB reports

The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry has revoked the license of a ‘disappearing dentist’ after multiple WAFB reports.
Published: May. 22, 2023 at 2:55 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry has revoked the license of a ‘disappearing dentist’ after multiple WAFB reports.

Arthur Hickman Jr., the executive director of the board, confirmed Dr. Tyler Lasseigne with Esthetic Associates, LLC in Baton Rouge has had his license revoked after he did not appeal a decision by the board.

Hickman said Lasseigne no longer has an active license in Louisiana.

Back in February, multiple people reached out to WAFB wondering where Dr. Lasseigne was after he disappeared for weeks with no warning to his patients. Many told WAFB they wanted their money back.


The Baton Rouge dentist that seemingly disappeared out of no-where last week is finally back at work after several WAFB reports.
Even more people are coming forward saying they want their money back after WAFB's story aired about a dentist who seemingly disappeared.
A Baton Rouge dentist has seemingly disappeared, leaving patients wondering where he is and wanting their money back.

“Well, the first time was a dream. I mean, I enjoyed the implants and everything else and they were working fine it seemed like. But this time, we came back in July when they had a problem, we haven’t been able to get any satisfaction,” said James Woodard on February 2.

“I expect doctors to be what they say they are, and they’ll do what they say they’re going to do,” said Betty Stewart, back on February 3.

Louisiana State Board of Dentistry
Louisiana State Board of Dentistry(wafb)

The complaints got the attention of the Board of Dentistry, who issued a statement to WAFB back then which said, “The Executive Director of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry is currently looking into the situation but could not comment on any disciplinary matters.”

Lasseigne later responded to WAFB, saying he had a minor surgical procedure, and that all treatment rendered at his practice has and will be completed, especially if it was paid for.

“We have never taken money from patients without completing their treatment. Instead, we provide treatment for limited-income patients for a reduced fee. I apologize for the miss or lack of communication. Next time we will be more diligent in our efforts to notify the public,” said Dr. Lasseigne on February 7 to WAFB.

Hickman could not comment on the specific reason as to why Lasseigne’s license was revoked.

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