Resident reports brown water at Baton Rouge living area

Brown water at Baton Rouge living area
Brown water at Baton Rouge living area(WAFB)
Published: Feb. 9, 2023 at 7:02 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge woman says brown water has poured from her pipes one time too many.

Maranda Myles has lived at the Southwood Townhomes in Baton Rouge for three years.

Today, Myles water is clear, but she says she never knows when she will be in store for a surprise flowing from her faucet. Sometimes, her water is unexplainably brown.

The water flowing from her faucet isn’t always discolored, but it has happened more than once. She says it is time for a permanent fix.

“So, on Tuesday of this week, when we came home, we ran the water, and it was just chocolate brown coming through the faucets. Every one of the faucets, everyone in the household,” said Myles.

Myles tells WAFB looking for answers is exhausting. After reporting the problem to the apartment property owners, she claims they told her to reach out to the water company.

Triangle Realty oversees the property. The manager tells WAFB there are some apartments in the complex with questionable water and they too want to pinpoint the problem.

“We have called in the past, I guess it’s time for us to call again. I think the more people that call, the better chances of something being done about it,” said property owner Louis Barcelona.

Statement from the Baton Rouge Water Company:

“Colored water is usually temporary in nature and can be due to a variety of issues. Customers experiencing colored water should contact our customer service department at 225-925-2011. Each customer complaint is different and our service representatives are trained to ask questions to help find the root cause. Also, if the customer lives in an apartment complex they should contact their maintenance department to rule out a local plumbing issue.

Baton Rouge has excellent water quality, and we disinfect the water in accordance with LDH guidelines. The water company continuously monitors the water we produce and conducts daily water testing. LDH also tests our source water to ensure we are meeting National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. Customers seeking additional information are encouraged to read our annual Water Quality Report at "

As for Myles, she is hoping for a clear answer soon and clear water to wash away the stress this has caused her.

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