LSU students react to temporary suspension of Reggie’s alcohol license following alleged rape and death of student

LSU students are reacting to the popular Tigerland bar Reggie’s, being temporarily banned from serving and selling alcohol following the alleged rape and death
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 10:45 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - LSU students are reacting to the popular Tigerland bar Reggie’s, being temporarily banned from serving and selling alcohol following the alleged rape and death of student Madison Brooks.

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control issued an emergency suspension of Reggie’s alcohol license on Tuesday, Jan. 23, effective immediately, because of the seriousness of the allegations and its potential threat to public safety.

It comes after multiple underage individuals who are at the center of a rape investigation were reportedly served alcohol at the bar that night, according to arrest records.

“I think it’s definitely right to do that. What happened there was just absolutely terrible. I think Reggie’s should definitely take a break, because it came from there. And I don’t think anyone would be that upset about it either,” said John Carter, a freshman at LSU.

“I think it’s a very unfortunate situation about what happened to that girl and I’m praying for her family. However, I don’t think we should all be punished. Because Reggie’s was a good place to come together and have fun. So all students should not be punished, just because they messed up and let someone in underage,” said Sanyaa Rosquete, an LSU freshman.

“I do think that a temporary shutdown is needed, I mean there’s a lot of students that go in there for parties and stuff like that, like underage. More security, like show your ID, there should be more precautions to check your ID to prevent situations like that from occurring again,” Melani Thomas, freshman at LSU.

“It’s really crazy. I just feel like it was unnecessary. Because you know the bar is really just for a place to have a good time and the fact that that happened, I’m sorry that like it happened, but I hope it gets better. But we just got to clean that up, so it can be a safe place, so that anybody and everybody can come in and enjoy themselves,” said Diondre Johnson, an LSU sophomore.

“I actually just got off the phone with my mom. She was jusst telling me to be careful if I ever do go out again, stick with a group, don’t leave your friends,” said Helena Gleason-Pritts, an LSU freshman.

The state ABC agency is working with Baton Rouge ABC and area law enforcement to investigate and share evidence about recent incidents at this business, officials said.

“I think that the conversation that’s about to be had is good, and it’s going to hopefully bring about some good change, positive change,” said Scott Wilfong, chair of the EBR Alcoholic Tobacco Control Board.

He says currently in Baton Rouge, bars can have two violations of serving to underage drinkers a year. Then they just pay a fine and the board basically never sees them again. But now, he wants to change that.

“And we currently have requirements that if there’s three or more violations in a year, they have to come to the board, but not necessarily two or fewer. So that’s one of the restrictions we’re going to look at putting in and saying if you’re ticketed more than once in a year you’ve got to come see the board,” said Wilfong.

The state ABC Board will hold an emergency hearing next month to decide what penalties if any, should be imposed on Reggie’s based on the evidence presented.

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