Zachary mayoral, police chief candidates prepare for Dec. 10 run-off

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 10:45 PM CST

ZACHARY, La. (WAFB) - A Dec. 10 runoff will decide two highly contest races in the city of Zachary.

Longtime Zachary Police Chief David McDavid and longtime city councilman Francis Nezianya will face off to determine who will become the city’s next mayor.

Darryl “Schuster” Lawrence, Sr. and Justin Nevels are also vying to become Zachary’s next chief of police.

The mayoral candidates expressed confidence heading into the final stretch.

“Zachary is at a crossroads, and with the right leadership, Zachary’s best days are ahead,” McDavid said.

Claims of mudslinging from both sides have appeared in recent weeks, but both candidates are choosing to ignore the noise.

“I plan to run a clean campaign, and I plan to continue to let voters know who I am, and what I plan to do,” Nezianya said.

Both candidates said infrastructure and crime are two key issues they would tackle if they were to become mayor.

Nezianya believes the key to addressing those issues starts with a good working relationship with the city council, something he claims was lacking in past administrations.

“When we don’t work together, we don’t accomplish anything, and the last four years is a good example,” Nezianya said.

One hurdle both candidates could face come Saturday is low voter turnout.

In the primary election, McDavid secured 45% of the vote, and Nezianya took home 35%.

Voting numbers tend to drop from the primary to the runoff, but both are confident that people will hit the polls. “Don’t sit home and play Monday morning politician,” McDavid said. “Your vote matters, and your voice matters.” It’s now up to the people to decide who they want to lead their city. “My goal is to make Zachary the best city it can be,” Nezianya said.

“I understand Zachary. I know what the needs are,” McDavid said.

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