I-TEAM: Police chief issues warning after city employee arrested, accused of tipping off alleged drug dealer

An employee with the Zachary City Courthouse was arrested on Wednesday, Nov. 30 after allegedly leaking information to a suspect.
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 6:41 PM CST
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ZACHARY, La. (WAFB) - An employee with the Zachary City Courthouse was arrested on Wednesday, Nov. 30 after allegedly leaking information to a suspect.

According to officials, Ashley Cobb, 37, leaked warrant details in connection to an overdose death investigation. According to arrest records, Cobb allegedly logged into the court system back in September, looked up warrant information and then passed it on to the guy police were trying to track down for his role in a deadly drug overdose case. Detective believes she stepped outside of her work duties, repeatedly slipping that information to the suspect and allowing him to continue to run from officers. Zachary Police Chief David McDavid says they got Louisiana State Police involved when they noticed something suspicious in the midst of an audit of the case.

“We saw some red flags come up then and we immediately contacted state police to have them come in to do an investigation,” said McDavid.

While he cannot speak directly to the case, Chief McDavid says they have been working hard to go after folks who are keeping drugs on the streets and the idea that someone on the inside is working against them is horrible.

“This could have cost an officer their lives and could compromise our investigations in the future,” said Chief McDavid. “It’s just something that is really frustrating that you have to deal with someone internally besides dealing with the stuff externally on the outside.”

This case is connected to a third overdose case the Zachary Police Department has worked in recent weeks.

“We’ve had four probably in the last two months that were overdose deaths. We’ve probably had about 20 cases of overdoses that’s been reported to us this year and probably 25 last year so yes it’s concerning that we’re seeing this in our community and the men and women of the police department are working very hard to put a dent in the problem here,” said Chief McDavid.

Chief McDavid wants to be clear that they will go after anyone who works against their investigations, no matter where they work.

“We’re here to protect and serve and that’s what we’re going to do and when we have to deal with an internal employee here, we’re not going to tolerate that,” the chief added.

Officials say Cobb was employed at the courthouse for about one year.

Cobb has been charged with trespass against state computes and Malfeasance in office. She was fired from the courthouse the same day she was questioned by police on November 3, 2022. According to court records, she has already bonded out of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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