Part-time, full-time jobs still open in Baton Rouge

Part-time, full-time jobs open in Baton Rouge
Part-time, full-time jobs open in Baton Rouge(Pexels)
Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 5:47 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It’s already a busy time of year for store manager Brittany Rhinevault.

“It’s the busiest time you know with the football games and everything we get super-duper busy and then just keep getting busier until we get into the holiday season,” she said.

As it gets closer to the holidays, Rhinevault’s store Frock Candy is trying to hire as many part-time, seasonal workers as possible.

This comes at a time when there is already a workforce shortage in Baton Rouge, even for full-time jobs, according to council member Rowdy Gaudet.

“Well, we know we have workforce challenges. I mean that workforce challenges are going to exist in our community and across the state and across the country for some time. So, we’ve got to look and be creative on how we can make available job opportunities to those residents who need advanced employment, who need employment, period. We need to bring the opportunity to them,” Gaudet said.

Gaudet says a job fair Wednesday helped connect folks to full-time jobs.

“Kind of challenging. It’s honestly been a little challenging just getting workers in general,” Anna Lee, a store manager at Blue Spero, said.

The store is trying to hire not only for the holidays but also full-time, according to Lee.

“Right now we’ve got a staff of about 8 people and regularly our store runs at around 12 just for normal days. So for the holidays, we would really like to get at least eight or ten more girls on the team,” Lee explained.

Workers are expected to be busy with the influx of customers.

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