Cajun Chicken Fricassée with Smoked Sausage and Black Eyed Peas

Stirrin' It Up: Cajun Chicken Fricassée with Smoked Sausage and Black Eyed Peas (Sept. 8, 2022).
Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 4:11 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - In early Cajun cooking it was common to see stew-type chicken dishes further flavored with sausage and garden vegetables. One great example is chicken macque choux or chicken smothered in corn. However, in this recipe, we are using black-eyed peas instead of corn, but it tastes just as great!

Prep Time: 1½ Hours

Yields: 6–8 Servings


8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into (1-inch) pieces

1 pound heavy-smoked sausage, sliced

4 cups frozen black-eyed peas

½ cup vegetable oil

½ cup flour

2 cup diced onions

1 cup diced celery

½ cup diced green bell peppers

½ cup diced red bell peppers

¼ cup minced garlic

2 cups sliced button mushrooms

1½ quarts chicken stock

Salt and black pepper to taste

Granulated garlic to taste

½ cup sliced green onions

¼ cup chopped parsley


In a 7-quart Dutch oven, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add flour and using a wire whisk, whip until a dark brown roux is achieved. Add smoked sausage and cook 10–12 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add onions, celery, bell peppers and minced garlic. Sauté 3-5 minutes or until vegetables are wilted. Add chicken, blend well into vegetable mixture then cook 10–12 minutes. Add mushrooms and blend thoroughly. Add chicken stock, one ladle at a time, until a stew-like consistency is achieved. Additional stock may be needed as dish cooks to maintain desired consistency. Add black-eyed peas and bring to a rolling boil, reduce to simmer then cook 30–45 minutes or until chicken is tender. Season to taste using salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Add green onions and parsley then adjust seasonings if necessary. Serve over steamed rice.

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