‘I Just Killed My Dad:’ Baton Rouge’s true-crime streaming show everyone’s talking about

The new Netflix series “I Just Killed My Dad” has people around the world talking about a Baton Rouge murder case.
Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 9:51 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The new Netflix series “I Just Killed My Dad” has people around the world talking about a Baton Rouge murder case and the teenager featured throughout the three episodes.

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The show draws you right into Anthony Templet’s story moments after he shot his abusive dad in 2019. The Netflix docu-series has been at the top of the streaming services’ top 10 most watched tv shows in the U.S. since its debut. The documentary takes us through the abuse, neglect, and isolation Anthony suffered after being stolen from his mother at the age of 9.

While Anthony first appears as a withdrawn, broken teenager showing few emotions, by the end of the series he’s more confident and ready to take charge of his own story. The series takes us from his abuse to his arrest for murder, and through the court proceedings to—SPOILER ALERT—probation.

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Anthony’s defense attorney Jarrett Ambeau, who is also featured throughout the series, says this was the best outcome.

“You’ve got all these witnesses, none of them are surprised this happened and they all don’t think he should go to jail,” Ambeau said.

Ambeau, who represented the teen free of charge, said he agreed to participate in the production so his team could hire an expert to evaluate Anthony.

“The whole point of doing this is to assist him in his defense, period,” Ambeau said.

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According to Ambeau, the expert spent 16 hours with Anthony. Ambeau believes the report was clear.

“He was honestly suffering PTSD,” Ambeau said. “He had an honest and reasonable belief that he was in danger of losing his life or suffering great bodily harm that night sufficient to use deadly force.”

Ambeau likely saved Anthony from a life in lockup.

“The six months he spent in jail, it was just more of the same. It was just more imprisonment. It was just more not having freedom and liberty and not being able to do anything,” Ambeau said.

Now Anthony is looking ahead to what’s next and part of that means cutting ties with his family we met on the series. In the docu-series we watched Anthony reconnect with family members he was taken from as a child, including his birth mom and a grandmother.

“He’s had very limited contact with anyone that was in his life, or frankly, in the documentary at this time,” Ambeau shared.

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Anthony is now moving on with a family he chose himself.

“His girlfriend’s family has been incredible. They’ve welcomed him into their home. When the hurricane came last year, they took him with them to care for him and make sure he was ok. He’s found people who love him and care about him,” Ambeau said.

Ambeau says Anthony is getting regular counseling, is working full-time, and is on the path to getting the education he was denied growing up.

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