FAA grounds pilots in failed midair plane swap stunt

Published: May. 15, 2022 at 6:29 PM CDT
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(CNN) – Remember the guys who tried to switch planes mid-flight in a stunt for Red Bull?

They’ve both been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Stuntman Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington flew two planes about the Arizona desert last month.

They then pointed their planes at the ground. Their plan was to skydive from one plane to another, leaving each plane momentarily pilotless.

The whole thing was streamed live on Hulu, including the part where one of the planes spun out of control and crashed.

Both men are OK. However, they didn’t get the FAA’s approval to do the stunt, which is why the organization is cracking down.

They had to surrender their pilot certificates, and there could be a fine, too.

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