Woman’s ring goes missing twice from same jeweler

A woman took her wedding ring to Kay Jewelers for maintenance, and when she went to get it back, it wasn’t there.
Published: May. 11, 2022 at 5:21 PM CDT|Updated: May. 11, 2022 at 8:01 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A diamond ring holds a lot of monetary value as well as sentimental value, but for Sarah Hacker, it also represents a connection to her grandmother.

“That was just something that I wanted. Nobody was around, just my bridesmaid and me and my grandmother, and she prayed that we’d have a good marriage, and I’ll never get that back,” Hacker said.

She took her wedding ring to Kay Jewelers for maintenance, and when she went to get it back, it wasn’t there.

“They were very dismissive, they told me, you know, it’s your problem, we’ll find it eventually, or we’ll give you a replacement ring. It’s different from what I had before,” Hacker said.

She was able to get a replacement ring, and her grandmother was able to bless it again.

“She held the ring. I gave her a little bit of time. I mean, she was nonresponsive, she couldn’t move or anything like that and I just had her hold them just so I had that piece of her with me. Something that I know my grandmother blessed my marriage, so I’d have a happy marriage just like she did,” Hacker said.

She gave Kay Jewelers a second chance.

“I feel like a fool for trusting them a second time.”

And she says they lost her rings again.

“They said ‘if we find it, if not, well, it’s just jewelry.’ It was something meaningful to me, it wasn’t just a piece of jewelry that I bought at the store, it’s something that my husband picked out specifically for me and gave to me,” Hacker said.

She decided to take legal action and found out she was not alone.

“This isn’t an isolated incident, we’re finding out there’s multiple people who are having rings lost or rings given to the wrong person, like the lady up in Kentucky, but it’s apparently so widespread that lightning would strike twice on the same person and lose the same ring at the same store. So maybe it’s an issue in this store? We don’t know,” attorney Christopher Jenkins said.

Jenkins said they’ve tried to contact Kay’s to offer a settlement, but the jewelry company didn’t respond.

“Kay Jewelers needs to be held responsible. this is a company that sells the idea that we are selling you a special piece of jewelry. we are selling you; you know, love and we are selling you memories, and this is going to be a cherished item that they seem very careless and reckless with,” Jenkins said.

Hacker hopes more people are wary when working with companies that send jewelry off for repairs.

“The idea that she was able to touch it and I feel a part of her with me, I mean we would go up there in the summers and visit with her. It was just something to have of hers and it meant something to me. And I know Kay’s is like, it was just a ring, whatever, but it was something that I could keep and look down at it and remember memories of her,” Hacker said.

WAFB reached out to Kay Jewelers regarding the matter.

A company spokesperson said, “At Kay Jewelers, we always strive to deliver a satisfying customer experience. We’re sorry that didn’t happen this time. We’re continuing to work with our customer and will do everything we can to ensure her satisfaction.”

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