Livingston Parish council members looking to require free permits for people living in travel trailers

Some members of the Livingston Parish Council are looking to crack down on people living in travel trailers.
Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 5:07 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 28, 2022 at 5:38 PM CDT
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LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) - Some Livingston Parish council members are looking to require permits for people who live in travel trailers.

Residents of the parish have parked their travel trailers after many natural disasters in the past, including the 2016 flood. But one parish council member thinks it’s time to put some simple guidelines in place, with no added cost to the residents.

“We don’t want people living in travel trailers or RVs, but if that’s their only roof over their head, then we have to accommodate them,” said Maurice ‘Scooter’ Keen, Livingston Parish Councilman for District 3.

Councilman Keen says it’s all about safety. And to that end, they want to require these folks to have permits for their trailers.

It’s why he’s looking to pass an ordinance that reads, “Requirements and procedures for Recreational Vehicles (RV)” and Section 125-3.2.

“Prohibitions and restrictions of use for Recreational Vehicles (RV)”.

“My thing with the hardwire power is for safety. You know, I wouldn’t want anyone to be in this as a last resort, and then burn up in their trailer, because it wasn’t wired in properly. And so now when they get the permit, they’ll send someone out to make sure it’s done correctly, then they’ll have 24 months,” said Councilman Keen.

He’s also concerned some of these travel trailers aren’t hooked up to septic systems, possibly dumping sewage on the ground or in the ditches.

But it’s not like the parish council is looking to kick people to the curb if this is their only place to live, they just want to make sure people are following all their safety codes.

Keen says the only time anyone from the parish will go check on a person living in a trailer, is if they get a complaint. Then parish officials will go out and let that person know what they need to do, to legally live there.

“For us to go out there and run them out of that and let them find someplace to live, doesn’t make sense to me,” said Keen.

Gayle Lutes has been living here for most of her life.

“I’m good, but I don’t like them moseying in my business,” said Gayle Lutes, a Denham Springs resident.

“You know, if you own the property, I don’t see why you have to have the permit,” said Harry Reeves, a Denham Springs resident.

But some people say this is an unnecessary extra step, folks shouldn’t have to take.

“They can come and check if they want, but if I’m up the standards, I don’t think I need to buy a permit,” said Reeves.

“I don’t even think we’re going to charge for this permit, and it’s going to be for 24 months. If they need it longer than 24 months, they’ll just come back and re-do their permit,” said Councilman Keen.

With all the disasters the parish has been through, Councilman Keen realizes these types of homes have become necessary for some.

He hopes this free permit will make sure everyone across Livingston is in compliance.

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