Gonzales centennial celebration 100 years in the making

Gonzales celebrates centennial
Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 10:21 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 22, 2022 at 10:44 PM CDT
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GONZALES, La. (WAFB) -Gonzales kicked off its 100th birthday celebration with a huge event and an even bigger reveal.

The city hosted a reception Friday, April 22, outside the Tee-Joe Museum. The program was attended by dozens of people, including Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser.

“To see 100 years of people, that’s just a good night for Gonzales,” said Nungesser.

The mayor and city councilmen spoke to a packed crowd about the importance of history, and how preserving it is so vital for the future.

“That helps you to develop ideas and pathways of where the city is going,” said councilman Tyler Turner.

After the reception, there was a big reveal that had everyone waiting in anticipation.

At the city’s 75th birthday celebration 25 years ago, officials buried a time capsule in front of city hall that stayed underground until this moment.

Inside was a bunch of letters, newspapers, and pictures, but the two items that caught everyone’s attention was a movie ticket for ‘Beavis & Butthead’ and a brand-new VCR.

”I’m a Nickelodeon kid, a cartoon kid, the VHS tapes, the Rugrats movie, that’s what popped in my mind when they pulled that out,” said Turner. Councilman Tyler Turner says they will rebury the capsule for another 25 years, and he also shared what he would like to add.

”Technology-wise, like a laptop, you know an iPhone or something like that, that’d be something important to put in there, so you never know what it’s going to be with technology and stuff,” said Turner.

The Lt. Governor says he would like to see some of our local schools do the same thing. He believes this could serve as a teaching moment for the next generation.

”I’d buy the tanks and capsules and have them put stuff in it and write letters to people 100 years from now and let’s bury them at these schools. So, 100 years from now, hopefully, those schools will still be there and they can dig it up and see what these kids were thinking about today and the future,” said Turner.

You can check or click this link for the full list of this weekend’s events.

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