‘There is a better outcome beyond the grave or prison’ -Mayor on shooting that killed 3-yr-old

Toddler killed in overnight drive-by shooting sparks outrage.
Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 10:44 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Family members of the 3-year-old killed in a shooting spoke about the pain and sense of loss they are experiencing. And Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome spoke about violence in the city.

“Whoever did it, shot my son in the head,” said Tye Toliver, the mother of Devin Page Jr. “And I want justice for that.”

When will enough be enough?

“My soul is bleeding; my soul is bleeding,” added Cathy Toliver, the victim’s grandmother. “He did absolutely nothing. Nothing. Was just sleeping in the bed and the bullets came through the window.”


‘You don’t want this feeling’: Family of toddler killed by stray bullet wants justice

You’ve heard it said that bullets don’t have names. Page is the latest victim of a deadly shooting in Baton Rouge.

Devin Page Jr.
Devin Page Jr.(Family)

“Overall, he was a good 3-year-old and handsome,” noted his mother.

The Baton Rouge Police Department said Page was hit by a stray bullet while sleeping in his bed, where he’s supposed to be safe and sound.

About 17 hours after the blood was shed, the mayor addressed the East Baton Rouge Metro Council about the incident.

“I believe that there has to be a better outcome for young men and boys who are the same color that I am,” said Broome. “Black men and boys, I believe that there is a better outcome beyond the grave or prison.”

“At this moment, our community needs to refocus. Beginning Good Friday, I am calling for a Week of Peace. Week over week, community members join together in planning activities of hope but there is a small percentage that still continues to choose violence,” wrote Broome in a released statement.

But some of you are wondering about what comes after.

But some of you are wondering, what comes after?
But some of you are wondering, what comes after?(WAFB)

So, we pressed the mayor for more clarification on that point.

Mayor, you talked about that week of peace. But do you really think that the criminals are listening to that or do you just hope that they are or what?

“I, we will, we will take some demonstrative action to encourage the week of peace. We will have people all thorough the communities during that week, to help elevate peace, to help continue to communicate a message of peace throughout our communities,” answered Broome.

The mayor believes the stop the violence organizations like the ones showcased with her in front of the council are helping start the change.

“And I believe that we will see a difference. I believe we will see a difference,” added Broome.

It’ll just take time, huh?

“It’s regrettable that unfortunately, things happen and it causes and prompts all of us to look at this situation of violence and gun violence at another level. And what happened to this young 3-year-old in their bed was a tragedy, and it certainly should prompt everyone to want peace and to be an advocate for peace in their community,” responded Broome.

And if that doesn’t push the community towards change, maybe these words from the young boy’s grandmother will.

“Until the gun is shot at your house, until the bullets come through your window, until they come through your window, you don’t get involved. You have nothing to say. But you don’t want this feeling that we have right now. You don’t want the feeling of knowing that you’ll never see your grandbaby or your son ever again. You don’t want that feeling,” expressed Cathy Toliver.

The 100 Black Men organization is located right near the place where the 3-year-old was fatally shot. The group will be walking the Fairfields neighborhood with BRPD on Thursday, April 14, at 2:30 p.m.

Those wishing to join members can meet them at their building at 2050 North Foster Drive.

Below is the full statement from Mayor Broome:

The tragic overnight killing of a young child on Fairfields Avenue is a sad reminder that our community has a long way to go in addressing gun violence. This tragedy is beyond unacceptable. Someone in our community knows who is responsible and they must come forward.

At this moment our community needs to refocus. Beginning Good Friday I am calling for a Week of Peace. Week over week community members join together in planning activities of hope, but there is a small percentage that still continue to choose violence.

I implore individuals to settle their disputes with words rather than with violence. The outcomes from choosing violence are never hopeful. Choose hope and choose peace.”

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